Saturday, August 30, 2014

Back to School

Mr.4444 is in Minnesota with Kendall, taking her back to college.
For various reasons, we decided it wasn't a great idea for me to go, too,
my shoulder in a sling in the car for nine hours, etc.
So, I loved her up last night and got up with them a 4 am this morning to say goodbye again.

I was fine; what was there to cry about? 
She's a sophomore, after all; we've done this before.

I went back to bed and slept until nine,
leisurely rising, poking around on Facebook,
and that's when I saw this on Kendall's friend Carly's Facebook page,

with the caption:

i hate when he does this.. he gives me the look of "please don't leave me" 

and it broke me;

I'm not sure I cried this hard the first time!

I'm probably just stressed about not going and the fact that Kendall was stressed about having to go to orientation for her new job (campus bookstore) while her dad moved her stuff in (with his bad knee) into her new (off-campus) apartment (that I've never seen because it's brand-new). 

I know she's going to be fine,
as are the rest of us (including our animals);
life goes on.

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