Thursday, August 28, 2014

Friday Fragments: Episode #316

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Typing with one hand is for the birds. Therefore, I'll keep this intro brief.
It's time to share the bits and pieces of the week that didn't make it into posts!
Let's frag!
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***I went back to work this week, three days of teacher meetings including one night of Open House, and I am wiped out!  My doctor note has me on "sedentary duty," and I was sitting a lot, but the buildings I was in are big, so I put on some miles. Next week will be even more exhausting, certainly; I'm grateful for the four-day weekend.

***I'm also emotionally drained, following a very stressful training today on school-shooter safety. It was very, very intense.

***I discovered the Love, Teach blog this week and have to share 59 Real-Life Thoughts I Had on the First Day Back at In-Service because it made me laugh out loud a lot. I highly recommend teachers follow her on Facebook, too.

***I'm three weeks out of surgery, facing three more weeks in my sling. The pain is tolerable, and therapy is going well. That said, this is the most difficult physical and mental challenge I've ever undertaken.

***A co-worker had the same surgery done a week before I did. She said she is ignoring all doctor's orders and is instead being healed through Jin Shin Jyutsu, an "ancient art of harmonizing the life energy of the body." Her mother-in-law is trained in it and comes over 2-3 times per week to apparently lay her hands on her and guide her energy. She said that she does not go to physical therapy and does not wear the sling except for at work (She works on the maintenance crew.) She said she feels great and already has better range of motion than I do. While I am open to alternative healing methods, I will be sticking with physical therapy, doing my exercises religiously at home, and watching how this plays out for the two of us. 

***Mr.4444 and I are taking Kendall back to college Saturday [sniff].  To soften the blow, we'll stop by the Minnesota State Fair (I hope.), to which I've never been.

So that's what's been keeping me busy! What's new with you? Share a link to your own Friday Fragments below (non-FF links will be deleted) and see what's happening in our fragmented neighborhood:

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