Thursday, August 14, 2014

Friday Fragments: Episode #314

Half-Past Kissin' Time

I've been somewhat heavily medicated this week
which is probably why I've been having some very active dreams at night,
waking me up with all kinds of randomness.
Thankfully, I'm not so drugged that I can't fragment here, where randomness rules.
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My rotator cuff laproscopic surgery took place one week ago today,
and it has been as rough as rumored.
I'm focusing all of my energy on healing and have been doing my physical therapy exercises.
I'm also taking lots of naps.


The hardest part of recovery has been finding a pain med that works
without making me violently ill and/or holding my digestive system hostage.
My goal is to be weaned completely off narcotics by Monday, if that's realistic.
I see the surgeon tomorrow for followup and to get my stitches out.


I feel so loved and cared for;
many friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors have helped me out this week.
What blessings...I will definitely be paying them forward.


WOOHOO! Just got some great news from Kyle, who just found out that he and his business partners have been awarded a $25,000 grant to help them continue their progress with their startup company, Mesmer! Congratulations, Kyle!!


Kendall's Rocks and Rapids trip was a great success,
and her time as a summer camp counselor is coming to a close.
Here's a shot from her trip:


Although I've appreciated the work of Robin Williams,
I always felt a little uncomfortable when he was doing his especially-hyperactive skits;
he was clearly tormented, to me. 
I suspected that he kept people laughing because it gave 
him control and kept the conversation off of himself.
I've always felt sorry for class clown types; to me, it seems they're hiding pain.
My heart goes out to Robin's family.

Steve, Milo, and Ted have been getting along famously these days.
Sorry I don't have photo for you;
when all three get together there's a lot of motion.
One day, though, I suspect all three will cuddle together.

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