Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Fragments: Episode #320

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Once again, I am blogging under the influence of pain meds. I welcome the opportunity/distraction of emptying my mind of random thoughts. Friday Fragments are the easiest posts to write--Just share bits and pieces from your week on your blog and link up! [following the Friday Fragments guidelines under the tab above]

***I won't bother going into details (even I am getting bored with them) except to say that the second phase of physical therapy for rotator cuff surgery is everything I'd been warned about. Thankfully, I have lots of support via work, family, neighbors, and other friends.

***On a positive note, my therapy is going very well; I'm no longer wearing the sling, and my range of motion is getting better and better! Also, I have to give a shout-out to this phenomenal product, which isn't cheap but is worth its weight in gold:

If you know anyone suffering with muscle pain, I highly recommend BioFreeze. I've only used the roll-on, but that's also my mom's favorite. I'm also planning to use some essential oils, once I receive doTerra order.

***I work full time, and that is going very well; I have never worked with such a wonderful group of kids!  They make going to work a pleasure.

***This week, a co-worker received news that she has acute lymphoblastic lymphoma.  It was caught early, and she's starting chemo tomorrow. She'll be out for months, though, and we started a Meal Train for her and her family. The website helps coordinate meals, but for $10 extra also allows volunteers to help with childcare, errands, pet needs, etc. In the first three days since being set up, more than 50 employees have signed up to provide meals, which says a lot about our school community, doesn't it?

***Poor Mr.4444 has been quite sick this week with a respiratory virus that started in his head and migrated to his chest. He has stayed-put all week. He was so miserable on Sunday night that, in the morning, I woke up and put my hand out (in the dark) to feel whether he was breathing or not. Thankfully, he is improving (with the help of an inhaler).

I apologize for not making it to any fragmenters last week; recovery is a full time job, it seems. I look forward to catching up this weekend (fingers crossed).  Have a great weekend!

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