Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sundays in Kendall's City: Minnesota Interesting and Odd

Warning: At least one of these photos is bound to be offensive to some.

On my recent visit to Minnesota to see daughter Kendall, we had a ball.
At one point, we visited Minnesota's largest candy store, Jim's Apple Farm,

where, incidentally, I purchased the taffy 
which, on the drive home, pulled a crown out of my mouth. 
(No worries; it didn't hurt at all and was popped back in by my dentist without issue.)
Yes; I did finish the taffy (after I let it soften a little more in the sun).haha

Jim's Apple Farm is also the self-proclaimed puzzle mecca;
I was blown away by the selection; there had to be at least 100 different puzzles for sale.

I have never seen so much candy in one place! 
They seemed to have every single type of candy ever made.

Can't say that I have a collection to add any of these to, but I found them interesting.

Many of the sweets span back generations, as evidenced by these candy cigarettes:

And finally, there was this little visit, to a frat house on campus.
Can you spot what caught my eye and brought me over to their "inviting" little gathering?

If you said "free liquor," you'd be incorrect.
No, I did not partake, nor did I lecture them about their foolish ways;
I just told them I'd exploit them on my blog,
and they were cool with that.

And yes; I later noticed the young "man" behind me. 
I share the photo in spite of his profane gesture,
 in case you're unfamiliar with the slang term douchebag (or douche for short). 
He's a great visual representation of such.

I love Minnesota.

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