Thursday, October 30, 2014

Counting My Family Blessings

Last weekend, Kendall came home to help with the Halloween party. Coincidentally, five face cords of wood were delivered the day before she arrived, so of course the job of stacking all that wood also loomed. Imagine our joy when Kyle said he would be coming home (two hour drive) to help his sister stack all of that wood! They don't get to see each other very often these days, what with them studying at two different colleges in two different states; they had plenty to chat about while they worked. Here's what they started with:

The final stretch:


Kyle had to head back to Milwaukee the next morning, and he probably won't be able to get home for Thanksgiving (sniff), so we decided to make the most of it. My mom was out of town, but we picked Grandma 4444 up and had a wonderful dinner together. It was so much fun, because Kyle volunteered to make his growing-famous Butternut Squash Soup, and Kendall offered to make our favorite side, Berry Mallow Bake, so at one point, four of us were in the kitchen cooking together! (Grandma 4444 learned how to record a Vine!)

Here's Steve just hoping for a nibble (note the drool)...

I fell off the clean-eating bandwagon that night,
but the landing was soooo sweet!

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