Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween Party Recap 2014

This year's Halloween party was great success. 
As usual, costumes did not disappoint.

Kendall won the Cutest costume contest prize.
(of course, Milo was pretty cute, too)

These ladies were a big help with party prep!!
(as was my dear sister, Michelle, who was also the inspiration for my costume)

Mr.4444 had a wallet in his back pocket, a passport in his front pocket, and carried a map.
Can you guess our costumes? (They're not related to each other.)

[Hint: Mr.4444's first name is Mark.]

My friend Leslie had neck surgery the week after I had rotator cuff surgery.
Isn't this an awesome idea?

My coworker Kathy won Sexiest costume. 

Popular culture was represented well.

[Catniss Everdeen and ?]

A neighbor's mom made these costumes, in part with large embroidery hoops.
They won for Funniest.

The photo bomber below is another hint about my costume.

These two were adorable.

Every now and then, I added a grape to my costume,
but then I'd get bored and eat it.

In addition to the house and the garage, our party spreads to the fire pit 

and the woods, where we have themed stations. 
This one's a pirate theme, where two opponents try to yank each other off pedestals.
[Loser drinks a shot of Jack Daniels.]
We call it Jerk Captain Jack Off.

I was part of a group that won in the category of Most Creative.
In case it's not clear from the photo, we were beauty pageant contests.
Here's a snap of the back of my sister Michelle's boots,
which she embellished herself:

Because each one was as funny as the last, we all won :)

So much fun! We're already planning for next year...

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