Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Baby Butz Review and Giveaway

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You might be asking yourself, has Mrs.4444 lost her mind? Why is she reviewing a diaper cream? Does she have some news to share? No, I'm not pregnant, and I'm not close to becoming a grandma. I just loved that Baby Butz Cream is all natural, and I know that many of your are moms and grandmas who have sweet little baby bums to protect!

I happily agreed to write the review and host a giveaway, because I knew I had a co-worker with a baby who would happily test the product. My friend Erin graciously agreed to help me out. Erin has a three month old baby boy. She cares about ingredient contents and liked that Baby Butz cream's ingredients are all natural; she said she wouldn't have been willing to try Baby Butz if that weren't so.

Baby Butz cream has no perfumes, alcohol, or chemicals. It heals diaper rash and baby eczema and is 100% effective and guaranteed. The product was created by the mother of a little boy with a medical condition that's caused him to be in diapers for the past seven years. His mom couldn't  help that, but she could make her son comfortable, and that means a lot.  This gentle but effective product is even used in several hospital neonatal units, which says a lot. Check out how many awards Baby Butz has earned!

Baby Butz Cream was effective overnight, according to Erin. She likes how thick it is and said that a little goes a long way and would likely last a long time. She said she would definitely buy Baby Butz.

Would you like to win a free jar of Baby Butz Cream? There are four easy ways to enter!

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Giveaway ends Wednesday, February 25th, at midnight. Good luck!

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