Thursday, February 12, 2015

Friday Fragments: Episode #340

Half-Past Kissin' Time

***If you've never seen an elephant birth and don't mind some gross details, I highly recommend this fascinating video.

***Know anyone with a baby butt to protect? I wrote a review for a great product this week.

***Ted is an inside cat but hasn't been fully convinced yet.

We got about three inches of beautiful snow on Tuesday night, and Ted apparently squeezed outside through a small opening in the patio door when I stepped onto the deck to quickly shovel before work. (If I don't shovel the deck, the dogs poop on it.) When I came inside, noticing the gap in the door opening, Ted was nowhere to be found, so I had a feeling he'd gotten out. I took a cursory look for him outside and saw tracks into the woods but thought they might be Milo's. I decided to shovel the front sidewalk while contemplating what to do. I thought maybe Ted would hear the commotion and come my way. A few Ted-free minutes later, I went back inside and found him at the patio door, trying to come back in. When I opened the door, he came in like the boogie man was chasing him! Maybe that'll teach him.

***If you're ever buying a car and are faced with the prospect of getting a loan with Citizens One bank, I recommend running in the other direction as fast as you can; their website is AWFUL, and their customer service is even worse. We got Mr.4444's loan from a different private lender that almost immediately sold it to Citizens One. It's been nothing but a nightmare ever since. I'm going to get the loan transferred to my local credit union tomorrow.

***I can't say enough about the wonderful customer service that I received from Lulu for publishing Kyle's journal. It was tough to reach them for free advice during the process itself, but they offer hand-holding at a price (which is only fair, if you ask me). The technical process is not for the faint of heart, but they do offer tutorials that I found easy to use, and they have forums full of happy customers to talk to. I was able to publish a hard-copy book of more than 400 pages for around $85, and I think that's a steal--It looks amazing.

***Speaking of Kyle, he brought me these last weekend:

***I love that kid. Also, here's a shout-out to Kyle's girlfriend Alayna, 
who is now an official Registered Nurse! Congratulations, Alayna!

***Mr.4444 and I took Kyle out for a Friday fish fry, which is a very common Friday event in these parts. Here's a shot of Kyle's deep fried perch, rye bread with tartar sauce, and fries.

Is there a winter Friday night tradition in your neck of the woods?

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