Thursday, February 5, 2015

Friday Fragments: Episode #339

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Wow. I've been soooo busy this week! Thankfully, Friday Fragments is a great way to settle down a bit and unload some random thoughts that are flying around our heads. Welcome


There's a funny thing about the benefit I'm a part of planning for my old friend, Lisa Tousey; I haven't actually seen her (or talked to her on the phone) in twelve years. Isn't that funny? We used to teach together and only reconnected a year or so ago via Facebook. We kept planning to go to lunch but never got around to it. Then she found out she has Stage IV breast cancer. Some friends of hers contacted me via Facebook and invited me to participate, so that's how I got involved.


I am loving my involvement in the planning of the benefit for Lisa's family; it has connected me to six women who are all go-getters. Their energy and commitment is beautiful and very inspiring.


 I used to think I couldn't afford to donate money to various causes, and then I just started doing it (giving a little to whoever asked, pretty much), and I have learned something wonderful; the more I give away, the more I have to give away. That's amazing.

 Volunteering makes me feel so fulfilled.
I'm not sure people realize that when you volunteer you get far more back than you put in.

Kyle has a new job! He's going to be in corporate travel sales and is very excited.
Congrats, Kyle!! I know you will knock their socks off!


This adorable little peanut had a birthday this week:

Alayna, you are a gem. Happy Birthday again!!
I love you and think you are awesome. So cute, I can't take the photo down.
Sorry for mistakenly thinking it was your birthday. (I blame Mark.)
[p.s. Alayna is Kyle's girlfriend. And no, he is not dating a six-year-old; she is 22 now.haha]

I'm looking forward to reading about what's new with you;
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