Thursday, February 19, 2015

Friday Fragments: Episode #341

Half-Past Kissin' Time

In the words of Janis Joplin...or was it Al Yankovic?
Take it! Take another little piece of my fragments now, Baby!
Oh, Oh, break it!
You know you've got it if it makes you feel good, and unloading fragments
(bits and pieces of your week that didn't make it into posts)
definitely makes me feel good.
Thanks for joining in!

***I'm up to my neck in fundraiser activity. We are two weeks to B-Day (Benefit Day), and I'm excited!!

***I have a nice, long, warm winter coat. This morning, I walked into school from the parking lot without a hat or gloves on and felt okay.  Inside school, people were complaining that school hadn't been delayed or canceled; the "feels like" temperature this morning in Northeast Wisconsin was apparently negative 45 degrees. I guess I'm getting used to it, which kind of blows my mind.

***I'd rather not have more than a couple of snow days this year, as my Mr.4444 and I are planning to visit Seattle with the kids the second week of June; too many snow days could jeopardize the trip.

***Some day, God willing, Mr.4444 and I will retire. A couple of things I could see him enjoying are being a "Campground Host" and running a bed-and-breakfast; the man loves to camp, to entertain, and to cook. He reminded me, though, that running a b&b is a lot of work and doesn't really sound like retirement to him. Maybe someone with a b&b would like to pay him to give them a little vacation for a while?

***I have a roaring fire going in our wood-burning fireplace tonight. I usually don't do that when Mr.4444 isn't home, but I figured the furnace could use a rest!

***Need a quick laugh? Check this out:

***Speaking of babies, I wrote a review and giveaway post for a great product this week. There are five days left to enter, so if you know a sweet little bum that needs protecting, check it out here.

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