Thursday, March 19, 2015

Friday Fragents: Episode #345

Half-Past Kissin' Time

It's finally spring here in Wisconsin, and my mind today seems a lot like a springtime roadside covered with random clutter, only less dirty. Thanks for stopping by to read our random thoughts.

***Snapped this on my way to work this morning. (Yes, I stopped first, right in the middle of my neighborhood road.)

***I suppose it's time to change my header again.

***Tonight I'm watching Dateline's Escape: Swept Away from last night. It's about stories of survival during the devastating tsunami in Thailand in 2004. It's extremely powerful and compelling. I can only imagine the nightmares survivors must still have today as a result of their horrific experiences.

***We're doing a 'Survivor Challenge" at work. This week's challenge involves limiting salt intake. Salt is my favorite, so I did a little research to learn how too much salt affects the body. I hadn't realized that too much sodium can cause osteoporosis!

***This week, I started a weight-lifting my local senior center! I am the youngest participant, but I'm very comfortable there. My shoulder is coming along very well, but I still have a way to go to feel normal again; weightlifting is a great way to get there.

***We have so far collected more than 100 gallons of maple sap for making syrup!

Thank goodness for great neighbors, because I've apparently pulled a shoulder muscle (most likely by carrying too any five-gallon buckets of sap), and they came over to help me collect today. I suspect they had ulterior motives, but that's fine by me :)

***I'm getting a massage on Saturday; it's long overdue.

***A co-worker is having a "party" for a company that sells fiber mascara. Hav you ever tried fiber mascara? It's $30 per "tube," which is at much more than twice what I would typically pay for mascara; I'm not sure I'll try it, though it might be nice for special occasions...

Friday Fragment participation has dramatically dropped off recently. I'm not super concerned about it, because I'm not prepared to do anything about it; I blog for the fun of it, not to make a living, so it doesn't stress me out. I'm not sure when I'll stop fragging, but let's just live in the moment, shall we? If you feel like fragging, join in! [To learn the ins and outs of Friday Fragments, click on the FF tab above.]

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