Thursday, March 12, 2015

Friday Fragments: Episode #344

Half-Past Kissin' Time
Welcome to the post with the most. Fragments, that is;
bits and pieces that didn't make it into posts of their own but are worth sharing.

***The Difference Makers had a sort of volunteer appreciation meal tonight. They made White Chicken Chili, which got rave reviews! I am absolutely beat!

***Speaking of school, I was casually talking with a student who gives me headaches on a daily basis. I can't remember what spurred my comment, but I said, ""Everyone learns differently,"  and the boy replied cheerfully, "I learn better when I get yelled at. When you yell at me, I work harder."

Too funny...Whatever works, kid.

***As indicated in Mom's voicemail that I linked to in Sheep Thrills, my mom is very happy with her new sheepskin slippers, so much so that she also sent a follow-up voicemail the day after receiving them. She's so funny...

***We tapped trees last weekend, when the weather suddenly ushered spring in, or so we thought; it almost feels more like summer! We are getting very little sap, because the ideal conditions involve warm day temperatures and cold night temperatures, but we're suddenly lacking low night temps. As I recall, we suddenly skipped from summer to winter last fall, so maybe Mother Nature is apologizing and clipping spring off short? Want to share your own bits and pieces of random? Link up below!

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