Monday, March 2, 2015

Never a Dull Moment

I visited Kendall in Minnesota this weekend. Mr.4444 got home late Friday night from a business trip, so he decided he'd stay home this time; he gets other opportunities to visit Kendall.

When Mr.4444 is home alone, he gets bored and lonesome. He always gets especially bored in the evening and sends numerous corny texts. On Saturday night, he sent one to share the fact that he finally installed our new convection microwave, which we bought a few months ago to go with our new gas stove but hadn't gotten around to installing yet.

Gorgeous, right? 
(Seriously, though; I'd forgotten how messy non-cooktop stoves can be!)

Half an hour later, Mr.4444 sent this follow-up message:

DIY stainless fridge:

Here are the responses:

Never a dull moment...
Get it? Dull moment?
Yeah; we make a great couple.

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