Monday, March 9, 2015

Sheep Thrills

As I shared in a whole post of examples, my almost 86-year-old mom uses some funny expressions. If she tries something on and it works for her, she says it's a "ferfect pit!" "Oh, my stars and garters!" she exclaims when she's excited. At school, whenever a student asks "What time is it?" I have to restrain myself from following in Mom's footsteps and replying "half-past kissin' time; time to kiss again!" Mom's quips are countless. I think you can see her sparkle in this old photo:

Mom's a special kind of mother in that she is always cheerful and easy to please. She expects nothing, so when she gets a surprise gift, she is beyond tickled. Today she received the Shepherd's Flock slippers that I bought her as a surprise after noting that my feet were cold when I was at her house visiting one cold Wisconsin day. I hadn't told her what to expect but told her that a surprise present was on its way. Click here to listen to the voicemail she left for me after the package arrived. (By the way, "the Bums" is short for "The Stumblebums," the name of a singing group my mom and her friends used to perform as.)

I am not a great daughter; I do not visit or call Mom nearly enough, even though she lives only a town away. In this case, though, I feel like a superstar; it's a great feeling to hear the joy in her voice. I called her later, and she said that the slippers fit beautifully and she is thrilled.

Her feet are toasty warm, too (just in time for the spring thaw)! Stay tuned for photo :)

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