Thursday, March 5, 2015

Friday Fragments: Episode #343

Half-Past Kissin' Time
What do you get when you mix a crazy week and a brain full of clutter?
You've come to the right place for an eclectic mix of observations, reflections, quotes, and other ponderings. Welcome to Friday Fragments.

***My sister Geri shared this very informative article about olive oil. I'd always wondered if all olive oil was created equal; now I know much of it is junk! I also wonder the same thing about wine sometimes; I mean, some of it looks so unnaturally pink. I never see ingredients listed on the bottles, either...

***This week in my rotator cuff surgery recovery journey, I've come to the point that both shoulders hurt equally; one because it's still healing and the other because it has a small tear. (The barometric pressure doesn't care what the cause is.) I guess this means I should consider going forward with surgery on my right (dominant) shoulder. However, at seven months post-surgery, I'm not quite far enough away from the memory of the pain and discomfort to consider going through it again. My superstar surgeon also left the practice, so I'd have to go with someone new; that makes me want to stick my head back in the sand on this issue.

***The Tousey Family Benefit committee that I've been working on is busy at work tonight, pulling everything together. I know that Lisa is going to be blown away. I hope that a lot of people come and help make it all worth it. I met Lisa when we both taught high school students with emotional-behavioral disabilities. She is one of those teachers that no kid forgets. As a tribute to Lisa, who has always done far too much for everyone else and not nearly enough for herself, will you please promise to do something for yourself this weekend?

I'm off! Link up your Friday Fragments below! Have a great weekend!

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