Monday, July 20, 2015

Love Me, Love My Stink

I recently completely redecorated our master bedroom as a surprise. It was a drastic change, and I worried that Mr.4444 wouldn't like my choices, (He loved them, actually.), so I went out of my way to add touches he would appreciate. One of those touches was a very special canvas that I ordered.

Back Story: Mr.4444's grandma, Florence (who passed away in 2003), was a character. She was the grandma who did the worm at her grandson's wedding and prided herself in wearing snazzy hats. She and Mr.4444 were tight.

Florence had a powerful love and loyalty to her family and always stuck up for the underdog. I remember dramatically calling Mr.4444 out once for a particular "odor" (back when we were first dating) and hearing Grandma from across the room, "Love me, love my stink! Right, Mark?!" She meant it literally, in that instance, but she also meant it figuratively; if you're going to love people, you have to love them in spite of their faults or weaknesses.

Although Grandma Florence has been gone for a long time, her Love me, love my stink sentiment lives on in Mr.4444, who uses it figuratively (and sometimes literally) all the time. I decided to use that quote to make a special canvas for our "new" bedroom.

Since I've had good experience with Easy Canvas Prints in the past, that's who I went with. I first purchased this image from YayImages (just a random site that I found) and then added text and a little heart from I chose an 8 x 8 inch canvas with a 1 1/2" "gallery" border and decided to add a canvas stand/back to it so that it would stand up on the dresser. It cost about $30 after applying a coupon code, and although I thought that was a little pricey at the time, I decided it would be worth it; this was a special gift, after all.

When the canvas arrived, I was thrilled with the quality! It's actually of substantial weight and looks perfect!

The look on Mr.4444's face when he saw the canvas and chuckled out loud was priceless to me. We didn't need a tangible form of Grandma Florence's quote to remember her philosophy, of course, but I love the canvas, because every time we look at it, we'll think of her and her unconditional love.

[Wondering what the driftwood pieces are all about? They were lovingly collected and then hand-painted by my niece and her fiance for their San Francisco wedding favors several years ago. Pretty special, huh? It's not every day you can even remember a wedding favor from six years ago, let alone have it on display in your home!]

P.S. For the record, Mr.4444 smells wonderfully 99% of the time.

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