Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Another Little Slice of Americana

Mr.4444 and I spent July 4th (Steve's 3rd birthday, incidentally) in a tiny little village in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Eagle Harbor, visiting family.  Wikipedia lists Eagle Township as having 281 residents, and Mr.4444 and I were surprised that it appears to be a popular place in the summer! We missed the parade that morning (forgot about the hour difference in time zones), but there was plenty going on when we arrived. 

A lot of people apparently stay in cottages or cabins in the area. I actually met a young lady who told me that her family comes from Texas every summer "to get away from the heat"!

There was lots of visiting going on outside the new fire station and nearby playground/park.

There were also a number of relay races that we missed, but I did get there in time to snap some photos of an amusing activity involving women throwing a heavy rolling pin as far as they could, in the direction of their husbands!


Young and old, it seemed every wife there stepped up for the chance
 to bean her husband with a projectile.

Some husbands had the gall to taunt their wives!

 Many had fearless postures.

I have no idea who won, 
but I did hear that the contest is yearly and that there is even a title!

There was also a good old fashioned pie-eating contest! How fun is that?! 
These adventurous competitors stepped right up 
for the chance to devour a free slice of blueberry pie, 
and who wouldn't?!

This woman was eating for two, apparently, and perhaps that gave her an advantage; 
she won the prize for her age group! 

Five smackeroos!

Of course, the kids were fun to watch, too; 
especially the ones whose parents were forcing their faces into the pies...

(Only kidding, of course; they were just getting their hair held back for them:)

First Place for the kids was $2, and this young lady took Second, 
but she doesn't look any less happy about it, does she?

I love the way the little guy in the middle of this photo was licking his lips before the start!


Definitely a great spectator sport!

Everyone who participated (win or lose) was grinning from ear to ear afterwards; it was fun to watch.

The whole shindig made me feel a little like I was in the middle of a Norman Rockwell painting,
which was appropriate; July 4th is as good as any day in America to celebrate family and fun.

And what's more American than throwing a rolling pin at your husband 
and stuffing your face in a pie?!

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