Sunday, September 20, 2015

Never Say Never

In the past few years (and recently), I've changed my life in some significant ways (significant for me, anyway). Five years ago, I would have bet you $100 that I would NEVER be doing the following today:

*Working out every day (and loving it!)
*Getting up at 5am to work out (This is seriously shocking to me.)
*Drinking coffee without creamer (and liking it!)
*NOT drinking Diet Coke (and drinking a lot of plain water daily)
*Enjoying cleaning windows (Thanks, Norwex!)
*Leaving my fingernails alone I have no idea how/why I accomplished this. I'm still getting used to taking contacts out with fingers with nails! I'm not painting them with anything other than clear polish; pretty sure I won't graduate to that step -- too impractical for me.
*Loving two dogs (I was once pronounced "not a dog person," and she had a point, though I was not about to admit it.)

Never say never!

How about you? Have you surprised yourself? Is your life different in a way you never expected?

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