Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Heard in the 6th Grade Classroom

In case you're wondering, very little at school has changed since I last posted. Sixth grade is still sixth grade and as entertaining as ever. Today, for example, this conversation between me (a little cranky) and a glazed-eyed student this morning:

"Dude! We can see your hands."

"What?" replied the boy, up to his wrist in each sweatpant pocket.

"Everyone can SEE what you're doing with your hands inside your pants!"

"Huh?" (His hands still busy.)

"The POCKET POOL! Knock it OFF!"

So, yeah; never a dull moment.

On the personal front, we have some big family news, but I don't want to associate it with this post.lol I'll catch up with you over the holidays :) In case I miss you, Happy Every Holiday! :)

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