Monday, February 8, 2016

A Very, Very Special Birthday

I recently put out an all-call announcement at school, 
asking for help with a goal I have,
of helping me make this sweetheart of a man's 96th birthday (Valentines Day) 
special by sending him a birthday greeting.

Ed is the charmer I wrote about here and here. He's a distant cousin, a very special man. I adore him.

I've since received a good number of card promises (about 67, I think). Students have made some great cards, but the card I received this morning blew my mind. See if you don't agree.

Each of these balloons on the front of this card are hand-cut, individually. The letters that spell out Happy Birthday were separately and carefully placed.

 Inside, I found this:
(again, each detail individually cut and placed)

And the melted my heart.

Here is the creative student who made the card. She's in 8th grade!

Sri is an outstanding student, creative, and human being.
I do not know many middle school students who would go to such lengths for a stranger.
When I commented on how incredible it was, she replied,
"I like to work on things on the weekends." 

Ed is going to be so honored to receive Sri's gift. 
You may remember that Ed's career (back in the day) 
was an interior decorator; he knows art when he sees it!
I can't wait to hear how he liked it!

Want to help make Ed's birthday?
I promise, you don't have to go to the lengths that Sri did!
Text me a t 920 445 8989 and I will share his address!

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