Monday, June 9, 2008

The Butt of All Jokes

At the dinner table last night, Kendall said, "Last night, at the sleepover, I laughed really hard at something, and my friends all said I laugh just like my mom."

Kyle replied, "Well, you're lucky. Just be glad they didn't see you putting your pajamas on and say, 'Your butt looks just like your mom's.'"

As if planned, Kendall and I turned to each other and said (in unison) "It does!!" We then dissolved in that "sister" kind of laugh; the laugh of two friends sharing an inside joke.

"TMI." Mr.4444 said, trying to enjoy his meal without talk of butts.

Well, it does. The poor kid has the exact same body type as me (only smaller.)

I just wanted to mark this night; one of many times (I hope) in which my daughter and I laugh as friends; girlfriends. (And the guys look at us like we're from another planet.)

If you're confused about how my daughter's friends know my laugh, and why Kyle's comment was so funny, click here. (But make sure you've gone to the bathroom and emptied your mouth of liquids first.)

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