Sunday, June 8, 2008

For Rent: One Scamp

Jacki, over at Insanity at Its Best wrote a funny post called Use for a Two-Year Old's Birthday Card. It cracked me up and inspired me to write this story:

One warm summer day, I put a dozen frozen bread dough rolls out on the deck to speed up the rising process. (They were already pretty thawed, but had not risen quite enough.)

At the same time, Mr.4444 let the dog out the front door. Looks pretty innocent, doesn't he?

Well, apparently, Golden Retrievers really do have excellent noses, because a few moments later, I looked out to see an empty pan! Of course, we knew who the culprit had been. We called the vet to ask if we should do something, and he told us to give Cooper 1/3 cup of hydrogen peroxide. With a vindictive thrill, we grabbed the turkey baster, put the peroxide in, and launched it down the dog's throat. Minutes later, up came the rolls, fully risen! So, now you know how to get your Sunday rolls to rise super-fast! Let me know if you need to borrow the dog; you can keep him as long as you want. (But I'll have to sneak him by Hubby and the kids, so be very quiet!)

P.S. Jacki was the VERY lucky winner of this contest at SITS. (Look at that insane number of goodies; sickening!) The odds of winning were excellent. I'm entering the next contest, because the prize is a free blog design from EightCrazyDesigns. I figure after a year (almost) of blogging, I am due for a facelift! It's time my blog design fit my personality, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. Wish me luck! (And yes, I was thinking of not giving you the link, but I'm just a good sport that way, so here it is! May the best blogger win!)

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