Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday Sampling

This is where I offer up a cornucopia of thoughts/links/laughs for you weekend diehards.

A Follow-Up to my EmBARE-ASSing story from yesterday (OMG-Isnt' that clever?! I should have used that in the title!!) Cookie offered up a story that makes my mishap pale in comparison. (Get it; pale, like my white BUTT!?) Check it out here.

You know how you go to the bookstore (or library) and see a crapload of excellent books, so you buy like 50 of them, take them home, and try to read them in one week? I thought not. Only a nutjob with no life and an incredibly faulty sense of reality would do such a thing. (And yet, I try to do so with my blog feeds. Silly girl!)

Heard at the campfire (our backyard) last night: "I see all so many people wearing Under Armour, and I don't get it; I'm pretty sure bullets would go through that stuff." Mr.4444, always the comedian.

I have a file on our computer called (and I'm not kidding here), "Stuff You'll Need in Case I Croak." I was inspired to create it when my husband's dad died suddenly and left us with everything to figure out for ourselves. Let me tell you, this sucks; having to put grieving aside because you have to figure out where the hell the insurance papers are (if there are any), how the person would want their body to be "handled," and where he keeps his secret bank accounts. It's just not very considerate to dump that on people, and since I want my husband to be able to just sit and bawl (and not wonder where the computer passwords are), I'm making it easy for him. Files in that folder include:

*Insurance-Where to find the papers

*Passwords-ALL of them; computer, bank, etc.

*Copies of some really sweet emails we have exchanged (Yeah, I'm sappy like that.)

*Funeral Music-You think I'm kidding, but I'm not. Hey, why should he have to worry about that? I want people to feel like I was there with them at my service; that's why I've chosen "Amazing Grace," "Wind Beneath My Wings," "Crazy Bitch,"and other catchy numbers. Okay, now I'm kidding. I chose none of those songs. Most are sweet hymns from church, but one is "Go Light Your World." I don't know who wrote it, and I couldn't find an artist I liked singing it to put a link for you here, but when the mixed choir at school sings it after every concert, I bawl.

Finally, I want to introduce you to a young woman who has touched my heart with her beautiful, honest, inspiring blog, From the Darkness, A Girl Speaks. Catherine is a survivor, a mother, and a teacher of sorts. She writes about motherhood, adoption, and overcoming adversity. I've only begun to dig through her archives, but my most favorite post is actually her most recent. You will love the song and video. Now, go meet Catherine; you'll be glad you did.

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