Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Fragments

With Friday Fragments, I post a handful of miscellaneous, but important ideas I have had throughout the week; too short for blog posts, but too good to ignore.

Recommendation: I want to share a powerful post, This Hate Cycle, written by Brillig, whose blog is one in my Top Favorites list. This post was featured on a new site called BloggersAnnex, which has the goal of posting one excellent post each day, Monday through Friday, chosen from contributors like you and me. Looks to me like they definitely reached that goal with Brillig's post. I also found my latest favorite blog there, Divergent Pathways. I LOVE it!

Reflection: In regard to childbirth, my first pregnancy/delivery was a nightmare. I was totally out of it when Kyle was born and remember my first reaction when they showed him to me; I puked. (Too much anesthesia, remember?) The second delivery was textbook, but I'd never done it (vaginal delivery) before, so it was kind of weird. I'll never forget saying to Mark in the delivery room, "Get the mirror! Get the mirror! I want to see!" and the doctor says, "Barb, just look down; she's right there." It was awesome, but it went by so fast. I'd like to get pregnant and deliver just one more time, now that I know what I'm doing, so I can pay attention better this time and enjoy the experience. The trouble is, I just don't want another kid, so that's out. (Well, that, and the vasectomy would put a kink in the conception thing.)

Complaint: I HATE it when companies outsource their tech support overseas. I hate it even more when they give their employees American-sounding names, as if that's going to fool you into ignoring the heavy accent and broken English. Last week, when I heard [insert East Indian accent here],

"My name is Debbie. How can I help you today?"

I replied, "Well, first, you can tell me what your real name is." (Seriously. I just wanted to know)

After the brief silence (perhaps consulting her "What-to-do-when" index card), she replied, "Excuse me? My name is Debbie, ma'am."

Yeah right; just like "Elmer" and "Peter," whom I spoke to the week before. That ticks me off; if you're going to outsource, at least be honest.

Opinion: I have to admit, seeing Brett Favre hold up that Jets jersey tonight stabbed my in the heart a little. I'm sick of the whole thing and am ready to move on, so I was surprised when I got a little choked up to see #4 on a different team's jersey. It's been a lose-lose situation. It's business; I get it. It's just not going to be the same around here without Brett. I hope the Packers organization has the class to give him a proper going away party. (The last time he was in the stadium, no one knew it was his last game there, even though there was speculation.) I would definitely buy a ticket to a going-away bash at Lambeau; like how it went down or not, Brett is a sports legend who deserves a proper sendoff. Many of his fans need that for proper closure, too. Are you listening, Mark Murphy?

Public Service Announcement: A dear friend of mine told me this week that she has skin cancer on her nose. I asked, "Was it a mole?" and she replied that it was not; just a tiny dry patch of skin that could be picked off periodically but always came back. She said she even joked to the doctor that he would "probably need a magnifying glass to see it." The biopsy came back positive, obviously. She has to wait a month before they can get her in to remove it. It will very likely require skin grafting. My friend has had this on her nose for a very long time. If you have something you're not sure about on your skin, please go get it checked out.

Thanks: I just want to give a special shout-out to my lurkers out there. Google Analytics tells me there are at least 30 of you. (You know who you are; those who read but do not comment.) I've always admired people who could just listen and observe and not feel compelled to talk. Thanks for checking in so faithfully; I appreciate you :0)

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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