Thursday, August 7, 2008

Reunion Recap

Welcome, Candid Carrie Campers! Throw on some bug spray, grab a marshmallow, and settle in. I'm glad you're here!

Whether you live in Wisconsin, Alaska, or Timubktu, you know what a family reunion is. That said, my family definitely sets the bar high where family reunions are concerned. Ours take place every other year, mostly recently, last weekend.

For our reunion, we rent out a YMCA camp from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. Families come from Wisconsin, Michigan, and sometimes further, so we figure we might as well make it worth the trip! Friday night is spent setting up campsites (or cots inside cabins) and visiting with those who arrive early. Then, bright and early Saturday morning, the fun begins. Check out the schedule of events we had on Saturday:I have to tell you, the food at this event was to die for! This year's tables held numerous offerings from our new Draeger Descendants cookbook, available here. We always start a meal with a prayer, and this year, my cousin Laura and her daughters led us in singing the Doxology with multiple harmonies; it was magical.

The Family Olympics were a blast, as usual. One of the events was a relay that required the kids to pull on a wet pair of shorts and run about 20 yards to a tree to do this:The teams were finished when the banana had been eaten (NO HANDS!). There was much cheering, laughing, and screaming during this event. In another event, my kids turned out to be assets to their teams, thanks to their long, skinny toes; inherited from their paternal grandmother (and their Dad). Relay contestants had to run to a piece of paper and marker and write their names on the paper, putting the cover back on the marker when they were done, using their FEET ONLY! Here's Kyle and his result:Yes, those are his size 14 feet! Kendall, too, showed a natural ability. Needless to say, my husband was beaming as his children clearly displayed their toebetrextrious talents! For a photo of his toes, click here. (I'd show you a more current one, but at the moment, the blurry photo is more flattering; the man needs a pedicure!)

Of course, even though we had a smaller turnout this year, we took a large-group photo. (Each clan wears a special color; ours is yellow.)After that, the much anticipated Talent Show took place. This is a post unto itself, let me tell you, but here's a pic of my mom, who could be the inspiration behind the "Extroardinaire" title to the show! Being an election year, "Candidate Elsie" made an appearance, insisting that she would be the best candidate. (Considering the options, she may be right!)Although it wasn't on the schedule, the older kids would probably say that playing Ghost in the Graveyard on Saturday night was a favorite activity. While they ran around risking life and limb in the dark, some of us adults gathered around the campfire for S'mores and a singalong, led by yet another musical cousin, Jeanie Carlin. This girl can sing, as evidenced over there in my sidebar; click on The Family Tree to hear a song perfect for this post, written by Jeanie herself.

And on that "note," I will leave you. May the rest of your summer include similar fun, family, and love. (And maybe a pedicure, too...)

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