Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Fragments

With Friday Fragments, I post a handful of miscellaneous, but important ideas I have had throughout the week; too short for blog posts, but too good to ignore. I'm going to commission a button for this, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Any volunteers?

First, I want to point you to my friend Birdie's beautiful Book Baubs. I bought this one for Kandee for her birthday; isn't it gorgeous?!Next, I want to tell you how much I am not looking forward to high waisted jeans like these coming back. The biggest reason? When low-rise first came on the scene, I said, "Ick! My gut will hang over!" That was before I found out that in low-rise, I am TWO sizes smaller! (I still crack up when I see female employees who work at places with dress codes and have to tuck their shirts into their lowrise pants; can I get an Amen on how silly that looks?!) On the bright side, high-waist jeans hold my gut in a lot better, so I'll have that going for me when the time comes...

I hit an old-lady milestone last week. My very dear baby sister discretely pointed out that I had a HAIR GROWING ON A MOLE ON MY NECK! She only noticed it because we were standing in very bright sunlight, and she was kind enough to tell me privately later (thanks, Sis!) Guess from now on, I will only go out after dark.

I got this award from Colleen this week:Thanks, Colleen. As per the "rules," I am to choose 7 people to award it to. Does it count if I did so here a few weeks ago? (Careful what you wish for!!) I'm going to need a little more time...

I read a very funny post this week from a mom whose baby whipped an industrial-sized maxi-pad out of her purse and threw it on the grocery store floor one day (for a male customer to pick up!) Cracked me up very much (SO sorry I can't remember who you are; let me know if you read this!) This reminded me of a funny story from Mr.4444's mom, who is at times a bit ditzy. (God love 'er.) When Kotex and it's "two adhesive strips" first came out, she was excited and rushed out to buy a box. Her excitement turned to horror when she went to remove the pad she had unknowingly put in upside down and got it stuck to She was clueless. She said, "I shook my head in wonder about that; why in the world would anyone want TWO adhesive strips?!"

That's about it for this week. I invite you to post your own Friday Fragments and put a link here for others to follow.

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