Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekly Winners, Week 5

Sarcastic Mom has done a terrific job hosting Weekly Winners. There are always plenty of links at her site, which will lead you to many other gems, but here are mine from this week:Could you look at this face and be mad at him for peeing on your carpet? (I can.) Clyde sure is cute, but he is not always the greatest house guest. Here he is, retrieving the Frisbee for the bajillionth time....
Hooray! I planted something and didn't kill it!! Check out my gorgeous hydrangea blooms!
And remember that hanging basket from earlier this summer? I wanted you to see how big it's gotten.
Clyde was more interested in kissing Kendall than posing for this photo.
Not to leave Cooper out, here's a photo I took this week for my Avitar at Cre8buzz. Cooper loves getting clothes put on him; seriously; he tucks his head in nice and waits patiently for the sleeves. Too cute! I call this, "No hard feelings, Brett." (the shirt says Favre for President)These potatoes were absolutely delicious! If you haven't been to Karen's blog, you are missing something. She is a great cook and a funny, introspective blogger. I highly recommend this simple but delicious recipe for dinner or a wonderful company breakfast! And if you're a good cook, enter the same Saucy Eats contest Karen did here. There's still plenty of time!
Here's evidence of my disdain for touching raw meat (that's a sandwich bag on my left hand (right hand needed to take the photo!) This week, I made The Best Turkey Burgers Ever, the recipe for which I found here. We all loved them; even Kendall, who'd never before eaten feta cheese!
And finally, a photo that I did NOT take but touched me so much I wanted to share it. I'm ashamed to say that I do not remember who took it, but I saved it, thinking the link would take you back to the person who took it. Instead, clicking on the photo just takes you to a Url that does not lead to a blog!! If this is your sweet son with his daddy, please claim it. And thanks, because it warmed my heart.Have a terrific week!

**UPDATE: Birdie, thank you for helping leading me back to Pinky, who is Mommy to the little cutie on the raft. Here's the caption that goes with the photo:

Father and son. He's thinking, "You're my hero."I'm thinking, "This lump in my throat came outta nowhere."

Great job, Pinky!!

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