Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments provides the opportunity to purge one's mind (or notepad) of the random, yet valuable gems that were too small for their own posts, but too good to discard. Join me...
I'm working on a special post; my Christmas gifts for each of you. If you are in my reader or have commented in the last couple of months, I will have a wonderful gift planned for you. Be sure to visit on Wednesday, December 10th, to find out what I have in store for you :)
Have you visited Mrs4444 Cooks? (I added the button over there last week, and a few curious folks have popped in already!) I posted Anthea's Autumn Harvest cake there last week; seriously, the best, easiest, most popular pumpkin cake you'll ever bake. Check out the beautiful sugar cookies Kendall and I made last weekend, too.
I got a very special award this week; so special that I waved the "Stupid People Trick" requirement for accepting it. My dear friend, Terri (Published Author, I might add) made this just for me; is she a sweetheart, or what?! I love it. Thanks, Terri :) *************************************************************************************
I notice that a lot of people spell "lose" and "loose" incorrectly. Here's a teacher's friendly Public Service Announcement on how to know which one to use: I just remember that "loose" rhymes with "goose" and "moose." (It's called a "word family," groups of words with the same letters that make the same sounds.) When you think of it that way, it looks/sounds silly to write, "I hate it when I loose my glasses!" Just tryin' to help...
To whoever dropped the red bathrobe belt on our driveway, near the garage, last week: WTH? What were you doing outside, in the cold, in your bathrobe? Were you window-peeking or something?! I washed it tonight, for some odd reason. If you come back for it, please come fully clothed, cuz I'm kind of creeped out now.
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