Saturday, April 4, 2009

Miss me?

You might have noticed that I did not post last night, like I usually do. Instead, I decided to go to see Mall Cop with Kyle. I'm glad I did, because it seemed like forever since we just "chatted." It was funny, because when we got in the car, he asked, "Can I listen to my I-pod?" knowing full-well what the answer would be, the stinker! :) We talked about summer plans, his Eagle scout project, how hard Trigonometry is, etc....Way more important than zoning on the computer all night.

We also picked Mr.4444 up from the airport. Poor guy is quite jet lagged, though he did manage to share some photos with us from his trip.

This morning, we got up early to go to Solo Ensemble. Even though Kendall's pieces were over by 9:30am, she and I stayed til noon, just listening to other kids' performances. Again, I find that much more fulfilling (listening to kids sing) than almost anything else, so that's why you're getting this type of post today, this late.

Here's a video of Kendall's song. It's called Silver Moonbeams and is about a girl who gets hurt by a boy that she loves. She earned the best score possible for a middle schooler. [They use classrooms for performances, and sorry for it being a bit crooked; I hate to worry more about the video than actually enjoying the performance.]

Hope you're enjoying your weekend....


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