Thursday, April 9, 2009

One to Tell Her Future Boyfriends

In honor of Kendall's 14th birthday this week (Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!), I thought I would share this little gem from her past...

Before my most shameful parenting moment, there was some minor foreshadowing. It was the summer of 1997, and we were rushing around, getting ready for a cousin's wedding in Appleton, having spent the night in a hotel. Knowing that my "big girl," Kendall, could get herself dressed at two years old, it didn't surprise me when I turned and found her already wearing her cute little spring dress, holding her adorable white patent leather shoes in hand. Proud of my little cutie pie, I swept her into my lap, buttoned the back, and put her little ankle socks and shoes on. Then, I pulled her hair up into a sweet little barrette and surveyed the results; she couldn't have been cuter.

We managed to get out the hotel and to the church with a few minutes to spare. Mr.4444 dropped us off at the door, and we waited a moment for him to park across the street. Kyle looked so cute in his shirt and tie. Grandma, too, was decked out and looked stylish in her pastel pantsuit. The picture-perfect family, on a gorgeous summer day, we headed into the church, just as Kendall chirped in a sing-song voice, "I'm not wearing any underwear!"

What?!! I swept a hand under the skirt of her dress and confirmed the source of her Cheshire grin. She was going commando, and it was too late to run to run back to the hotel for panties!

It's a good thing they're divorced now, because I remember absolutely nothing about the wedding between Chris and Todd; I was too busy keeping an eye on Kendall, who like most two-year-olds, was crawling all over the church pew. There were a few anxious moments when my heart was in my throat, fearing that one more "veil" than necessary would be lifted that day. Thankfully, we made through the ceremony with no one the wiser.

Kendall would like me to make it clear that she wears underwear every day now, thank you very much. Plus, when it comes to underwear, I've been much more embarrassing to her than the other way around....

Happy Birthday, Kid. I love you.

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