Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In the Ghet-Toe

Poor Mr.4444 broke his pinky toe (again) this week. He was rushing out of the livingroom to get away from the ending of the movie, Marley and Me, and clipped the snaggly poor thing on a wooden chair leg. (I love that sensitivity, BTW. We go through a box of Kleenex every Sunday during Extreme Makeover, but it's worth it to have a husband with some feelings.)What's that, you say? Mr.4444 is overdue for his pedi? His toes are like 12 inches long and scary looking?? Well, here's what he has to say about that!Mr.4444 is very proud of his flippers feet.

P.S. Credit for the "ghet-toe" title goes to my cousin, Shannon.

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