Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Let This Be a Lesson to You

Mr.4444 enjoyed college like the rest of them. Although he rarely cracked open a book, he got adequate grades (enough to not be on probation, anyway). He focused most of his efforts on "socializing." One morning, after a particularly long night of dollar pitchers of Old Style, he stopped to pick up two friends to give them a lift to class.

Everything was going fine (at highway speeds) when it happened. He figured he could "sneak one out," but instead felt the unmistakable wetness of the dreaded shart.

"Uh...I forgot something at home," he winced, and pressed his left foot into the floorboard, straightening his knee to raise his butt enough to keep from sitting completely but not attract the attention of his carpoolers. No one said a word (they were hungover, too) and Mr.4444 gratefully rushed into his house, washed, changed, and return to the car, with no one any the wiser.

This is my Back-to-School story entry for the Student Bloggers HP Back-to-School Better Together Giveaway, in which I hope to win a couple of laptops and some software. I learned about the contest from Daddy Forever, who has posted a list of the scheduled laptop giveaways here. The Student Bloggers also has some great links to, well, Student Bloggers! Check it out :)

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