Monday, October 26, 2009

Rants and Raves (Monday Version)

Little MsBlogger has a weekly meme called Rants and Raves. I'm about five days late, but you'll have to forgive me. Thanks.

RANT/RAVE--What kind of nut plans Parent-Teacher Conferences for a Monday and Tuesday?!  Probably the same type of nut who plans an all-school Halloween dance for that Friday and a Halloween party at her house that Saturday. I am insane, but I survived last week! Three days this week with students--WOOHOO  (Praise God for four-day weekends!)

RAVE--Weaselmomma came to our party!! What a sweetheart.  She's a charmer, even when hung over really, really badly. 

RANT--When you don't RSVP (Yes or No) for a party, it's not that big of a deal, but when 20-30 people don't RSVP, it's very stressful on the host/hostess in the hours leading up to the party (not to mention expensive, if you are NOT coming.) Be nice--RSVP.

RAVE-Hallelujah for mature dogs. With Cooper being eight now, I almost never have to run after him in my bathrobe anymore.

RANT-Of course, right after I had the previous thought (standing on the front porch in my bathrobe), he took off for the road, and I had the wonderful experience of meeting a neighbor (for the first time) while wearing my robe and with bed head and a mascara eye mask.

RAVE--Looking forward to making our favorite holiday side dish soon-Berry Mallow Bake.  I'm certain that if Mr.4444, Kyle, or Kendall were ordering their last meal on Death Row, this would be on their list. Your potluck status will immediately skyrocket if you make this.  [Note: I did not pay myself for this recipe endorsement.]

RANT--If I couldn't pick your son/daughter out of line-up to save my life, I don't think it's appropriate to invite me to the wedding. That's all I'm going to say about that. (And no, I'm not talking about Jed and Sarah, Silly!)

RAVE--I treasure your company and your friendship. I'm excited that I'll have the time to touch base with all of you by the end of this week. Until then, have a GREAT week :)

P.S. I had no camera for most of the party. Most of my pics came from other peeps, so I do not yet have a pic of me in my costume that is blog-worthy.  I'm sure I'll get some via email or FB this week, so stay tuned if you're interested :)

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