Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Fragments, 70th Edition

Holy cow! Can you believe that I have spewed the bits and pieces from my mind 70 times?!  It's a wonder there's anything left (fragments, not brains, Silly), but don't worry--there's plenty of random thoughts on my list this week.  Thanks for joining me! I look forward to reading your offerings this week, too :)  [To learn more about Friday Fragments posts, click on the button above.]

***My Favorite Friday Fragmenter this week is Noisy, Colorful, Lively (Monica?), who wrote about her son Simeon and how the two of them bonded over Barbies for the first time....

"We had a nice time of play where my boy was learning to be sensitive and perhaps gain and eye for fashion when all of a sudden his doll popped up over the side of the truck and in his best three year old Barbie voice said: “oops! I go poo poo!!!” Then he bent his doll over  and made a loud ppbbfffrrrssttts!!! and other gaseous bathroom noises. Oh, how I do dearly love stinky, noisy, body function obsessed boys!"

Monica, this award is yours :)

I also have to share a favorite comment from this week.  In response to my post, Detention: A Cure for Gas?!, Tom (of Being Michael's Daddy) dropped this one:

"I'm glad you and your student could clear the air. I'm sure detention is no blast, but it sounds like it solved the problem. You really have to cut one student's behavior problems out, or it'll rip the whole class up."

Tom, you're a gas.  Enjoy this FFF award, (because I don't have one for Favorite Commenter yet.)

***I'm very happy with the outcome of the sentencing hearing for CG.  I don't know that he will learn anything in prison, but at least he won't be selling heroin to kids.

***We have a student who asks to use the restroom on a daily basis, as in 3-5 times a day (in addition to the ten other opportunities he has to relieve himself.) I always say no, because a) he has no medical documentation of a health issue, b) He also says, "Please?! It's an emergency!!!" and c) because I am just that mean.

**There's a website I discovered this week called My Parents Were Awesome.  This site is a great place to go for a smile. It publishes reader-solicited photos of people's parents when they were young and cool (you know, before dentures and Bengay.)  I highly recommend My Parents Were Awesome.

***When I was in 5th grade, there was an early-developing student named Pam in my school.. It was assumed that because she had breasts, she must be a sexually active.  How messed up is that?!  I know I participated in gossip about Pam, and I feel bad about that. I hope I get the chance one day to apologize.

***Oops! How could I forget my Amon Giveaway!  I wore my Body Shaper twice this week and will write my review this weekend, but I can say that I wholeheartedly love it!  And TRACIE is going to find out why! (Tracie, email me, and I'll give you the scoop on how to spend your $50 Amon winnings!!!)  Thanks, everybody, for entering, and don't forget that the code KISS10 will give you a 10% discount at Amon.

Well, my head is mostly-empty now. Want to share your FRIDAY FRAGMENTS post and meet some new bloggy buddies? Link up here and then go introduce yourself! [Sorry, but non-FF posts will be deleted.]

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