Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Man with the Golden Turkey Baster?

There was some drama in the 4444 household on Thanksgiving Day.

First, while making my Autumn Cake, I dropped a half stick of butter and....

Yes, you know you're a blogger when you stop to take a photo of your dropped butter (which you quickly caught between your sneaks. (To be fair, though, I happened to be taking photos anyway, because I updated the recipe post on Mrs.4444 Cooks.)

And no, I did not use the dropped butter, Silly. Or maybe I did; how would you know? (But really, I didn't.) But how about those quick reflexes?!

As if that wasn't dramatic enough (haha), at 2:30pm, the power went out for more than 200 residential customers in our area. No problem! We have a generator, right? Well, that depends on how you look at it; we have one, but it is broken and in need of a $700 repair, for starters (no pun intended.) Thankfully, Mr.4444 had the turkey on the grill, and I had just taken dessert out of the oven when it quit, so I knew we'd at least have turkey and dessert. Mr.4444 wasn't panicked about the bird, but he was freaked out about having no power, and not just because the Packers were playing on TV; he just can't handle having nothing to "do" but baste a turkey.

Kendall was thrilled with the power outage, as she has a hard time getting anyone to play board games with her (she always, always wins), and Mr.4444 (who normally has no patience for board games) was losing his mind with boredom after 20 minutes, so he had absolutely no excuse not to play, and he caved...

and she kicked his butt in a game of Sorry.

After about an hour without power, I started to get a little worried, because it was Thanksgiving, after all, and we were expecting company. However, I really felt sorry for the people at the power company, who were likely getting their butts chewed. The way I see it, we're lucky we have power at all, so we have no right btching about losing it once in a blue moon. Still, the timing was a little worrisome. Finally, at 3:30pm, power was restored, and the rest is history.

And speaking of timing, why is it that every time we tag-team a meal and Mr.4444 says his part will be ready at a certain time, it is always ready 15 to 20 minutes later than that, and yet I never, ever learn to just factor that in? Instead, I start rolling my eyes and getting cranky when I have the potatoes finished and the bird is still 10 minutes from coming into the house to "rest" for 15 more? You would think I would learn, but instead, my blood pressure rises and I bite my tongue (after all, there's a reason I'm not the one cooking a 22-pound bird on a Weber. How can I complain?!), all the while resisting an urge to scream.

After dinner (my blood pressure and blood sugar happy), Mr.4444 and I hugged and kissed to congratulate each other on a successful meal, and I said, "It was the best ever," because really, it was.

He replied, "Absolutely. There was a little drama, but I kind of like that!"

What?! Was he kidding me?!

I think he's been watching too much of the James Bond marathon...

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