Tuesday, November 24, 2009

When Teachers Scar Their Students

Everyone has them; flashes of memories from childhood experiences in school, indelibly etched into our minds because of their significance. I have several, as a matter of fact:

*Seeing my kindergarten teacher walk out of a bathroom stall (I was shocked that she was an actual human being, I guess.)

*A TMI moment with that same kindergarten teacher as she sat on a piano bench before our little circle on the floor wearing a too-short mini-skirt (it was 1968.) (I still shudder about that one.)

*For some reason, the moment my 2nd grade teacher (Miss Jome) announced to the class that my mom had had a baby that morning (my baby sister, Michelle) is also etched in my mind, though I have no idea why.

*In middle school, I have a vivid memory of reading my 7th grade Daily Journal note from Mr. Bennie, the teacher who broke my heart when he gently let me down about possibly dating my older sister, Mary. (I had tried to set them up, when it was really me who wanted to date him. Hey--he was hot, drove a black Camaro, and Mary was old enough to be his girlfriend, whereas I was clearly not.)

I've got many other snapshots in the photo album in my mind, but I think you get the point. I recognize that there are pivotal moments in life that burn visuals into our minds forever. Today, I'm sorry to say that I am responsible for such a moment that a student of ours may never forget and may need therapy for. I was sitting at a student desk, videotaping a student presentation that was taking place at the front of the classroom when I suddenly felt a draft. I looked down at my shirt to find that a button had come undone, leaving a good portion of my bra certainly exposed to anyone sitting to my left and distracted enough to notice. Mortified, I muttered, "Oh my G. Why didn't somebody say something?" and turned to see who might have noticed. Six sixth graders sat to my left. All but one was paying attention to the presentation at the front of the room. I searched the face looking my way but could not connect eyes, because he was looking at this...

Oops. I was going to post the pic (seriously--I recreated the wardrobe malfuntion moment at home, with Kendall's help), but then I remembered that lesser things posted on the Internet have resulted in teachers being fired, so you'll have to use your imagination.

In an instant, the accidental voyeur snapped out of it, met my eyes, and instantly turned beat red. Poor kid; it really wasn't his fault. I really feel sorry for him (he's a very sweet boy.) But especially after yesterday's post, I find it very comical.

And I hope he washed his eyes out with soap tonight.

P.S. If you've been reading Half-Past Kissin' Time for a while, this may remind you of another very embarrassing moment I experienced at school. (The post resulted in the most comments I've ever recieved.) Warning: Swallow your coffee before reading Why Kendall Might Be Sorry I Work at Her Middle School.

I swear on a stack of bibles that I am not an exhibitionist, in spite of the evidence against me.

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