Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Fragments, Episode #77

Friday Fragments, according to Jonel, at Just Sayin'...

"Every Friday, she hosts a plethora of randomness and encourages the rest of us to join in. Some may think she is being a bad influence, but I say that she is the exalted ruler of de-clutter. Jump on over and see what everyone else has cleared out of their minds."

I liked this intro last week, so I pirated it! (Thanks, Jonel :) Thanks for joining in today! [Here's the skinny on FF.]

***Gosh, I'm kind of embarrassed; yesterday, a post I had drafted got published without me noticing, and it was hanging out there for two hours before I noticed. Darn it! If you see the post entitled 444444 in your reader, just ignore it; it's not finished!!! (Hence, the nonsense title) And Matty, thanks for not mentioning the dumb title or the "ssssssss" that finished one line or the inconsistencies in names (I'm trying to decide if I should just start using Mr.4444's first name for that post.) I copied your sweet comment and will attach it to the final draft post :)

***Although I am a big fan of Snow Days, I can appreciate those who are not, which is why this is my Favorite Friday Fragment this week:

* I think snow days should be accompanied by the option to drop your children off at the home of the person who made the decision to close school that day. They might be a little more motivated to get the parking lots cleared and encourage the town to do a better job clearing the snow. B, of Life in the BAT Cave. Thanks, B! The award is yours; wear it proudly :)

***I'm just SICK about the fact that my list of passwords for everything on the computer somehow found its way into a basket of paper in our livingroom and then into the fireplace. Most of it was typed, but I had at least 20 hand-written usernames and passwords on there, too. Grrrrrr

***Still no sign of Stella (in case you were wondering)...

***Mr.4444 heard that if you lock your keys in your car, you can call someone who has your extra set, and they can simply unlock your car by clicking their spare key into their cell phone as you hold the phone out towards your car. He and Kendall tested this out, and guess what? It works!! [Just like when you stand in front of your car and press the clicker, your helper holds the clicker of their cellphone. You hold your cellphone about a foot away from your car door. When your car "hears" the click from the cellphone, the door opens. Pretty cool, huh?!]

***By the way, in case you've been wondering, my friend Molly is doing well. Christmas was tough (every day is), but she's doing as well as could be expected.

***Dads Dish Retro Blog Fact or Fiction: Men Never Throw Away Their Old Clothes is a funny post. It made me remember to finally throw out those old jeans of Mr.4444's that I've been hiding in my closet for months. (I hope he's not reading this! LOL)

***I often find myself driving miles in my car before noticing that the radio is playing.

***In the car a few days ago, I heard in the radio news that due to fears regarding terrorism, the United Stated Embassy in Yemen was going on high alert (or something like that.) I said (to no one in particular) "What do we have an embassy in Yemen for, anyway?!" Mr.4444 replied, "We're giving them YemenAid." (This is what I live with on a daily basis around here...)

***Christmas vacation spoiled me; I am exhausted from going back to work this week! Before I fall asleep here, I'd better sign off. Leave your link to your FRIDAY FRAGMENT post here, and I'll stop by this weekend for a visit :)


  1. I am exhausted too, the first week has been too much -- I feel like I need another holiday.

    I hate to admit it, but the "yemenaid" comment gave me a giggle. I know, I shouldn't encourage that type of behaviour!

  2. The car key thing really works - that's so cool!!!

    I do see that 4444 post - I'll ignore it...there, I deleted it. I'll wait until you are ready to have it read.

    I laughed quite heartily at the Life in the Bat cave fragment, too - good choice!

    I have all of my user names and passwords in an address book. It's hard to lose and it's alphabetical and I have an over abundance of address books at my house, so I had a spare one. I actually have my passwords memorized, but use a code next to each entry as to which password is being used. It's easy to find and coded all at the same time.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh yeh. David has clothes from his first marriage about 30 years ago, well, at least that icky light brown leather jacket!

  4. I rarely have the radio on in the car, I will sometimes put on a CD but I'm just as likely to simply enjoy the silence. So when Adam has been driving and leaves the radio on the very first thing I do after starting the engine is turn it off, there's no way I could not notice it!

    YemenAid *giggles*

  5. I think we all need a vacation to recover from our holiday vacations! Let's all go some place WARM!

    I use the same password with a small variation on nearly everything. That way I can figure it out, when I forget! Oh to be organized!

    BTW ~ I finally figured out how to insert "links" ~ I just get "cooler" all the time! NOT.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Oh I love your hubster's sense of humor.Excellent. And yes, I am also not so happy to be back at work.

  7. Yemenade? haha!! Too funny! Sounds like something my hubby would've come up with.

  8. So sorry about the passwords getting burned up. That sucks!
    The thing with using the phone when you're locked out of your car...kind of blows my mind. Technology is really amazing!

  9. I tried that car unlocking thing and it didn't work. Bummer.


  10. I don't get the car unlocking thing with the cell phone--how does a key even go into the cell phone?

    I hate when my posts publish before I want them to--usually it's my fault for forgetting to put the date in but once Blogger just got screwy and the scheduling feature wasn't working.

  11. Unlocking the car through the cell phone sounds cool - I'd be SOL since hubby's phone is always sporting a dead battery. ;)

    I'm like Prairiemaid - I use the same password with variations on everything...then if I forget which one goes to what, I just keep trying the alternates. Of course that only works if there's not a number of tries limit. ;) Sorry your passwords went to, um, I mean burned up. ;)

    I think I'll be 'Spring Cleaning' some of hubby's old clothes out this year. ;)

    I'll drive miles before noticing the radio playing, too. YemenAid is hysterical! :)

    It's been a long week getting back into somewhat of a routine! SO glad it's Friday! :)

  12. Going back to work knocked me on my butt too.

    YemenAid is very funny.

    I loaded all my passwords into my phone. I was constantly searching for the scrap of paper where they were all scribbled. Hope I don't lose my phone!

  13. We so wanted a snow day today. Finally got snow but that was the end of the gift.

    I am so sorry about your passwords. What a headache!

    Yemenaide is just about the perfect response!

    I have thought about your friend Molly. She surely has a wonderful friend in you :)

  14. Omg I love the "YemenAid" one! Too funny. That's gonna give me a chuckle later today when I remember it...which is a good thing because I won't have internet all day!! I'll be visiting later though. I read your unfinished post too...came to comment...and it wasn't there!!

  15. Wait...what? The cell phone key thingy? How do you stick your key in your phone? What???

  16. I do the same thing with the DVD player in my car. I'll finally realize it was on and think why was I playing Caillou for 20 minutes...without kids!?!

    Poor, poor Stella!!

    Rest well over the weekend!

  17. It's hard going back for a full week after vacation. My kids are exhausted! And I am exhausted from making interesting breakfasts and lunches without going to the grocery store this week. :)

    Mr 4444's sounds like a laugh a minute. I am on my way to the dentist and he will like the Yemen aid story.

    And can you imagine how many of us are going to try that car trick this weekend?

  18. That cell phone thing is awesome! I've always wanted to test it- thanks!

    I'm so glad it's Friday... there should be some kind of easing back in after vacation, but no, BAM- back to work. This weekend will be much welcomed.

  19. OMG I love Mr 4444.. he is so funny.. kind like the humor I get from my hubs. Working early this morning.. wil attempt to get my Fragments up in a bit...

  20. Blogger seems to have a mind of its own at times. This week I've seen at least 3 blogs have things posted that wasn't meant to be. so you're not alone.
    I often drive for miles before realizing the radio is NOT on and that explains the eerie silence.

  21. Yemenaid. Now there's a man with a sense of humor.

  22. Oh that Mr. 4444's and YemenAid, now that's a keeper!

    I'm so glad Molly is doin' well. I thought about how hard the holidays must of been for her.

    I sure hope Stella shows up before givin' someone a heart attack!

    Have a great weekend and rest up girl! God bless..... :o)

  23. I really hope you poked Mr4444 for that. Dang. That was BAD!

  24. YemenAid? I LOVE that! I am the Mr.4444 of my house, so I am sure my family has the same reaction to me as yours does to him-but since I make myself laugh harder than anyone else does, well, it's all good. Chuckle chuckle, YemenAid....

  25. Tough week to get back in the swing of the things, schedule wise. I understand.

    Conversely, I will drive for a long time before I notice the radio is not on!

    I am now on week three of sitting out FF (pouts). Obviously the last two weeks were holidays. And today I had a need to process something on my blog. I hope I'm still welcomed back next week. Feel free to give me an extra assignment if need be!

  26. Never heard of the key thing. Too bad my batteries in my clicker are dead and the screw to open the battery door is stripped. I've been locking and unlocking the old fashioned way -- by putting the key in the lock! GASP! LOL!

    I sometimes drive for miles before I realize the radio is NOT playing.

    Have a great weekend. Thanks as usual for hosting.

  27. OMG! I literally laughed out loud at "Yemenaid"! That is awesome.

  28. yemenaid... oh man, that cracked me up. i needed that today. thanks, mr4444! and thanks, mrs4444 for sharing it. =D

  29. I can't believe that cell phone/car key thing works. I've heard about that before, but I really thought it was just an urban legend destined for an episode of Mythbusters. How cool is that???

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  30. The car key thing is SO cool. I'm so going to have to try that!

    I also completely agree with the snow day bit: whoever calls it off should be in charge of all the kids. That would teach them to cancel over teeny tiny amounts of flurries.

    Happy Friday!

  31. That is funny about Mr. 4444's jeans. I often hear Tim asking for certain shirts, etc. that seem to always be in the "wash", (St. Vincent De Paul store) Why do they wear the same things when they have a million other shirts, etc.?

  32. It's FRIDAY???? omgosh seriously I didnt even realize it was friday we had 2 days of no school and it threw me off...i had all kindsa comments but they left my brain when i realized it really is FRIDAY...
    freaking out she didnt realize it was FRIDAY!

  33. Wow! i can't believe how much your Friday Fragments has grown! Oh, i posted! i'm linked! Don't miss me this week cuz who knows how long it will be until i do it

  34. Oh YemenAid... I'm just shaking my head ;)

    I hope Stella reappears and is okay!

  35. I tried the car remote thing once and it didn't work for me! Glad to know it really does work, I'll have to try again, when I get another car with a remote!

  36. I've heard about unlocking your car over a cell phone, but have never tried it out. Good to know that's an option. ;)

    Hmm, I wouldn't mind a few more snow days actually - fun times outside playing, or watching the snow fall while drinking a latte by the window... it doesn't get much better than that.

  37. That is so COOL about the car and cell phone. I'm totally trying it out this weekend. I love weird trivia like this.

    And not noticing the radio? This is either good or very, very bad. Good: you don't have the radio turned up way too high to an obnoxious volume. Very, very bad: Barb, my dear, you are deaf. I hope it's the former!

  38. "Yemen-aid"...your husband is obviously related to mine. He totally would have said the same thing!

    That car unlocking thing sounds car isn't quite fancy enough to unlock with a "clicker" so I can't test this out.

  39. Hee Hee. Thanks SO much for the mention, I'm honored that my post meant enough to you that it lingered in your memory all week! Talk soon sweetie!!

  40. When life gives you Yemens...

    Love the fragments, as always.

  41. Yup, when life gives you Yemens make bad puns.

  42. I laughed quite heartily at the Life in the Bat cave fragment, too - good choice!

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