Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Favorites Cup Overfloweth

Slowly but surely catching up with last week's 57 fragmenters (WOOHOO! Another record!), and there are some real winners in the Favorite Friday Fragmenters category so far, so I wanted to share them. (If you don't laugh or at least smile at each of these, please email me for emotional support.)  

***Do you think Superwoman got her powers from Cheez-it Snack mix and Redbull? Because I'm pretty sure that's all I've eaten today. Oh yeah, and brownies. Mmmmm brownies.... from Annie, of The Rational Mind of a Crazy Woman.

***From Tena, of Tena's Therapy (This is part of a really funny story that took place at the grocery store.)
".....and then I saw this look of horror in her eyes- absolute panic.  She starts jumping up and down and screaming, “there’s a coffee bean stuck up my nose!”   I fell to the ground I was laughing so hard and because of an incontinence problem, I could not enjoy this moment fully if pee was running down my leg."

***From Nancy C at Away We Go ....

Just the other day, I had to be talked down from tossing my wedding dress. I said, "What, should I save it for Owen or Joel to wear?"

My friend said, "You could always make a pantsuit."

Another friend was quick to add, "If Joel plans to wear a shiny ivory pantsuit, I'm taking my daughter off the table." (You do that, don't you? Plan the nuptials of your respective children with girlfriends so you can have a really good wedding reception with your best friends?)  

***Smellyann's Cute Kid Quote:

Jack, 6, asked me, "Mommy, what's your grandma's name?"
Me: "Ruth"
Jack: "Roof?!! That's a house name!"

Ladies, please accept this award...(Don't fight over it--You may each take it, haha.) Thanks for the laughs.

So yeah, Fragmenters are pretty darned funny sometimes. And if you liked these, you should go check out the rest! :)


  1. oh yeah! I wanted to add that funny thing my 6 yr old said yesterday when he got a card in the mail to MY FF post for tomorrow!!!

    thanks for the reminder....

    **yeah, not gonna tell you, cuz I'm a stinker that way! ** ;-P

  2. Some great frags! There sure are some funny women around here.

  3. Love it!!! Ya always leave me laughin' with these cute quips.

    You have yourself one terrific day!

    (BTW: did you get the fudge? Heeehe)

  4. Those are hysterical!!! Great fragmenters!

  5. Those are great! Last week was my first time playing along and I'm getting my post ready for tomorrow.

  6. They are all very funny! But I can really identify with Tena, for reasons I won't list here

  7. These are all award winningly funny!


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