Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thousand Words Thursday

This is a sign of spring.

Do you know why? [I hope to post the answer by the end of the weekend.]

For more pictures that "say a thousand words," visit Jen, at Cheaper Than Therapy!

P.S. Cooper is back to his normal self, BTW, thank heaven!


  1. Used on sidewalks and driveways for snow and ice removal...all empty.Have a wonderful day glad pup is better!

  2. I don't know that kitty litter actually helps in "Snow removal" but it sure does a good job with helping to gain traction. The only drawback is the trackage of the stuff into the house!
    And as to Cooper -always good when they get better cause sure ain't now fun in cleaning up dog yack and other yucky stuff. No fun when it comes from humans either though, is it -especially when small children are producing seemingly never-ending supplies of the stuff.
    Better days ahead now -right?

  3. Why traction, of course!
    Glad to hear Cooper is feeling better.

  4. That is a lot of kitty litter!

    Glad to hear Cooper is better.

  5. I am sorry, but that cracked me up; I get the whole snow thing, but my first thought was that I didn't know you had cats, or that many; are you sure you aren't really the neighborhood crazy cat lady? :)

  6. Snow/ice removal or traction in the melting snow and ice?

    Or do you have them all full of potting soil and bulbs?

  7. Traction baby, traction! That's a heap of litter and some great storage buckets. Woohoo Cooper!!!

    Have a greatly blessed day!!!

  8. I'm with Jamie. Litter is OK for snow, but I'm thinking Mr 4444 has a snow blower.

    Glad the puppy isn't poopy.


  9. Okay, I admit it. Evidently, I live too far south....and frankly, I am glad!!! We don't have any white stuff on the ground.

    Glad Cooper is feeling better.

    See ya tomorrow!

  10. do you volunteer for kitties? thats all I could think of. lol

    you have been given an award!

  11. OH my you are the crazy cat lady are you

  12. Either for traction or to store dog poop in that you pick up from the yard, I know gross thought, but what should you do with it,lol

  13. it will absorb the moisture....into nice clumps. Tidy cats being the best at clumping with minimal tracking.....course this is assuming you haven't litter box trained the doggie....after that treadmill trick I'llbelive anything!!


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