Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Fragments: Episode #95

Seeds are to spring like fragments are to the gifted writer; given a little light and nurturing, they hold beautiful promises. Or if you're like me (who probably won't get around to putting a garden in this year), you just throw the seeds out there and hope the birds enjoy them. Here's hoping my fragments this week feed you (at least a little bit.) [For more about Friday Fragments, click here.]

***Can anyone tell me why I can no longer link photos in my posts? Hard as I try, it just puts the link next to the photo.

***I finally found a hanging basket that only cost an arm (and no leg!)  (This one was $30.)  Mr.4444 thinks that's a lot, but we saw some just like it last weekend for $60, so I'm happy.

My plan is that it will help distract graduation party guests from this...

***If you haven't already entered my Gratitude Giveaway, I hope you will. It's very easy to enter, and the prizes are awesome. There's a button in my sidebar that will lead you to the post (or you can find it here.)

***I love, love, love the PeaceLoveMom shirt that I won in Unknown Mami's giveaway. Unfortunately, the shirt is a little too tight. Can't decide if I should add it to my giveaway prizes or lose weight. (Never mind--it's too cute to give away. I'll try to cut back on the Snickers bars.)

***As I type this, Mr.4444 is preparing barbecued ribs for dinner, which should be ready in about an hour. The heavenly smell is pure torture. (Of course, I'm willing to suffer.)

***Honestly, I laughed all the way through Nancy's fragments inspired by her Colorado visit to her parents. Here's a taste:

I really feel like I could live in Colorado, because I've always been a fan of dressing like I'm hiking all the time. In the airport alone I saw hiking boots, several ponchos, and enough hemp necklaces to dock a large sailboat.

You made me laugh a bunch, Nancy (Away We Go), so the award this week goes to you :)

***BTW, in case you're wondering, I'm not crabby anymore. (Got a belly full of barbecued ribs!)

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  1. I agree. Keep the shirt, cut back on the Snickers Bar salads, and a few ribs. On second thought, life is short. After seeing that ribs video, give the shirt away.

    I love the hanging basket. You're right though, they are rather expensive.

  2. I love that hanging basket! It's beautiful!

  3. That is a gorgeous hanging basket! Definitely worth an arm! Or $30! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Ah ha! That must be why my seeds aren't growing, why didn't I think about the birds ;D

  5. Not that I have room to talk (heck I barely have room for my laptop on my lap) - but the tight shirt and the belly of ribs seems to be conflicting fragments.
    Now the basket is nice but what's the big deal with the deck. It looks like it will hold just fine. It's outside and to be walked on what's the big deal.
    Maybe my comment would be nicer if I had some of those ribs.

  6. Lovely hanging basket!

    The ribs sound so good!

    Have a good weekend.

  7. I can smell your ribs all the way here!! Lucky you!!

    What a gorgeous plant! What is it?

  8. Mmmm, ribs. The flowers look lovely!

    You'll get in that shirt. It's good to have goals, right? That's the only thing that gets me losing weight.

  9. Yummmmmmm ribs!
    That basket is so beautiful - isn't spring great?

    Happy weekend!

  10. hang the shirt up wet and STRETCH that baby!! seriously!

    or wear it with a button down over it to hide the extra snugness....

    or just discover your inner slut and let it all hang out!

    I vote for the last....but only if you post a video!!

  11. Beautiful basket :) My mum just got a hanging basket today too. Actually she makes them. I'll take a picture of it when it's in bloom, but right now it's still at her house until I can get a hook put up.

  12. The linky tools aren't working right now, but I'm here and playing -- and totally craving BBQ ribs, thankyouverymuch!

    Love the hanging basket and totally would not have noticed the deck if I were actually invited to the party unless you had pointed it out.

  13. Love Fridays at the 4444's ! I have laughed so much today! Have a great weekend...kiddos to Kyle!

  14. That Nancy is a funny gal, huh!?!

    We always get my mom a hanging basket for Mother's Day and leave it on her front porch. That one is gorgeous!!

    Have a great weekend, friend!

  15. I've killed a million dollars worth of hanging baskets, so I'll just admire yours from afar.

    Don't you dare cut back on the candy and ribs. That would be more pressure than I could take!

    Have a wonderful party. The guests won't care at all about the deck. I promise.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Beauuuutiful flowers!!! I haven't even started my spring planting and flowers and stuff yet. It's been cold and rainy most of the time ... BLEAH!

    Happy weekend :)

  18. That is a beautiful hanging basket. I heard from someone else that those were crazy priced this year for some reason. I used pots from last year and planted seeds a few months ago...there is lots of green in them right now. Hoping they come out well!

    Happy Friday! Glad you have a happy tummy now :)

  19. I link all of my photos to my blog posts and I use blogger, too, so I'm not sure what's going on with your linking problems. I hope you get it fixed.

    Congrats on winning the shirt! Just getting out of the winter slow season and into the sunshine of spring and summer will get you active enough to fit into the shirt. I wouldn't worry too much about it :) and eat the ribs with joy!!

    Kristin - The GOat

  20. The hanging basket is really quite spectacular. Huge as a matter of fact. It would cost much more here.
    That's why I don't buy one. Good idea, keep everyones eyes up by giving them plenty of nice things to look at. The barbecue ribs sound like they were so darn good. Makes me want to talk hubby into getting some. But he is going to barbecue burgers for us today. I'm happy with that.

  21. LOL..We're getting ready for a graduation party next month, too, and like you....I'm going hog wild on the flowers and whatnot to detract from what isn't going to be done. Like probably the front porch. :/ Hope it works.

  22. I love ribs almost as much as I love that basket-and believe me, I reeeealllly love ribs. :)

  23. MMmmmm snickers bars, ribs... Wait, what? Oh, the flowers are beautiful! Don't worry, our deck has a literal HOLE in it cause by my husband's brilliant idea to smash the winter ice with a sledge hammer. Can you imagine???

  24. loved reading FF.
    the hanging basket is beautiful.
    have a great weekend.
    Love Ria.

  25. hon i see you made matty a button would you be so kind to make me one to please for my blog ? it would mean a whole lot.

  26. Hangin' baskets have gotten so dang expensive, the last couple of years, I've been making my own. The fill out in no time and look just as expensive.

    Now ya got me cravin' ribs and I've go a whole slew of 'em in the freezer...Hmmmm, maybe this weekend!

    You have a great time and enjoy your get-together. God bless and have a fabulous Friday!!!

  27. If your husband is like mine, he's thrilled to spend hours power washing and staining and repairing the deck. Paul loves it. It's like yoga for him.

    Thanks for making me this week's Fav Fragment-er. Dreams do come true!

  28. we got sick of always having to stain the deck and got a Trex one. I love it! 3 summers now and no staining!

    Happy Friday!

  29. Funny, we both started our posts out talking about seeds!

    The plant is beautiful, I would stare at it much longer than your deck :)

  30. I think Blogger is having issues with photos in general. Try using LiveWriter. I'm glad you got the t-shirt. Wear it to bed one night and it will stretch out. Then just don't put it in the dryer - EVER.

  31. Love that hanging basket! it's gorgeous!

    I spent my day redoing the kids' rooms so even though I already had my fragments done, I forgot to come and link up! Oops!

  32. My aunt told my uncle to go buy 2-4 hanging plants for my cousin's grad party. She was super pissed when he came back with 4 HUGE {but beautiful} hanging plants that were 75 bucks a piece! She said 2 would have been just fine!

  33. I just love your Friday's. I am so late but I really do have a good excuse. I love the hanging basket! I still have all my veggies sprouting on my dining room table. Should be safe to put them outside by next I have nothing better to do next weekend #11 grandbaby arrives on Friday and #10 turns one on Saturday and stepson makes his confirmation on Sunday (he is 29) it's about time!
    I hope you feel better and have some fun at the party!

  34. I think that hanging basket is about the biggest one I've ever seen! So pretty!

  35. I vote for entering it in the giveaway too! Diets Schmiets... : )Love, your VERY very VERY fat friend, Becky!


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