Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thousand Words Thursday: "Broken Heart" Edition

Language Arts class was interrupted by three boys from our house, saying they needed to talk to me.  I stepped into the hallway. In a roundabout way, they explained that they had been "practicing a skit" in my room (alone) when they "accidentally bumped into" the wall, where I had a ceramic plaque hanging. They were very apologetic and sincere. I wasn't sure how to respond at first, because in my line of work (my usual line, with juvenile delinquents) I am so unfamiliar with students taking responsibility for their actions that I was at first taken aback!

We walked down to my room, where I found the broken plaque and a stack of apology notes. (So cute.) (Not sure why Mikey thought it was heart-shaped, but oh well.)  Then, I watched as four 12-year-old boys set about gluing (even mixing paint to match the color) the piece of artwork to make amends.

Kendall lovingly made the plaque for me a few years ago.  It doesn't look perfect anymore, but really, it is.

For the record, I removed my name from the plaque for this post (it's still on the actual plaque and looks fine :)

Thousand Words Thursday is a photo meme hosted by Jen, at Cheaper Than Therapy.


  1. BEAUTIFUL! Awwwwww! Mine is up for today but not as nice as yours, lol! (it's after the giveaway post)

    Gosh, this is such a sweet post!

  2. Sad they broke it but encouraging that they took responsibility for it and tried to fix it.

  3. You always have touching stories. The note is sweet.

    It's one reason I like to come here!

  4. Wonderful evidence they are learning good life lessons from you.

  5. How sweet is this? I can just see 'em scrambling to repair the broken heart. Awwwww!

    You have a terrific day sweetie!

    (is their skit any good???)

  6. I'm with Matty you must have put the fear of god in this boys or they love and respect you ...I'm going with that one!

  7. Aw... It's amazing how sometimes love is added to things that already have a lot of love in them! :) The parents of those boys hould be patted on the back!!!

  8. You really might be the very best teacher ever. PS I also work with juvenile delinquents and I don't feel like seeing them tomorrow... can you do anything about that? Like send me a million dollars or something? Darn it.


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