Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Fragments, Episode #99!


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***I'm so bummed that I forgot my camera at home! (I'm still in Madison.) Such a beautiful place, and all I've seen is the view from the hotel, but it's gorgeous (Lake Monona).   I've never been any place in which you could step outside and get run over by a bike at any given moment, either. (Madison is very bicycle-friendly.)

***I'm frustrated about not finding just the right fragment divider for my FF posts.  Anyone know where I can make a little graphic that has no background to it?

***OMG-Check out Bacon-Wrapped Pineapple Bites at the Tasty Kitchen (cooking blog on The Pioneer Woman's website.

***Lisa Ceaser is a new fragmenter who stole the Favorite Friday Fragmenter award this week with this:

I think BIG MAC has started teaching LIL' MAC some of his bad habits... what do you think?

and this...

And those aren't the only amazing shots she put in her frags! Check her out to be wow'd some more! Lisa, congrats on winning the award!

***And speaking of pics, I want to share this one, of my sister, Geri, and her tap-dancing pal, Anne. 
A few weeks ago, they performed in a recital of sorts and were apparently a big hit!  Don't they look great?!

***Random Thought from Mrs.4444:  Volunteering is very important--very important. However, if it isn't bringing you joy, stop, and don't feel guilty about it. There is always some group that needs your help. You can make a difference in a million different ways. Don't be a martyr volunteering; if you don't enjoy it, stop and find something you do.

***So sorry I can't remember where I read this, but on someone's blog, I saw a profound question: Would you have an affair in the underwear you're wearing?  Holy cow! It blew me away (but from a bra point of view), so I went right out the next day and bought a beautiful new bra from Victoria's Secret. [Sorry-Details for Mr.4444 only!]  I tried to explain this epiphany to Kendall, but she said, "Okay, Mom. STOP. That's gross." Buahaha!

***Whoever decided to have the World Cup inside a bee's nest needs to be fired.

***Enough people showed an interest in the Favorite Things meme that I've decided to do another one.
The next edition, Kitchen (all things kitchen-related, EXCEPT food), will be posted Monday, June 21st, and you can learn the rules here. I hope to see you then!

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  1. You are almost to 100 FF! Awesome!

    The bee-sound drives me crazy. Take those stupid horns away from the crowd!

  2. I am just loving your blog today I love cute babies and flowers =)
    Also I got the books I won from your give away I can't wait to read them Happy Friday

  3. For pictures with out backgrounds (or transparent backgrounds) be sure to save as a .gif (or .png but that's a lot bigger file). if you use .jpg/jpeg it'll replace the transparency with black or white.

  4. I can not handle the bee noise on those soccer games. It is driving me crazy! And I can't seem to get away from it because Katarina has decided that this is the week she has become a soccer fan and she wants to watch it ALL.DAY.LONG!

    I'll be honest...the underwear question has me thinking too. A trip to the mall might be in order this weekend!

  5. Stopping by a little early as tomorrow is a busy day!!! Hope your trip is FANTASTIC!!! And I'm glad you are continuing with the Favorite things! That sounded so neat!!!

  6. That shot of the baby is absolutely gorgeous, and I LOVE MADISON! Curt's dad had his lung transplant at the University Hospital there and it is such a clean & green city! We really enjoyed visiting there!

  7. So funny about your new bra, but great advice!

  8. oh my gosh ... that buzzing sounds drives me insane for reals!

    and I like soccer too ...

    pictures with no backgrounds are called .png's. I can make you some post dividers if you want :-) Email me and let me know.

    Happy Friday! Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip :-)

  9. We were in Madison last weekend...but very different, very TINY Madison (Florida)!
    I'm excited about your Favorite Things meme and I'm going to try to join in on Monday!

  10. I thought those photo's were amazing too!
    Good advise, just get a disposable camera.
    The tap dancers are so adorable!
    For Mother's Day every year my kids give me a Victoria Secret gift card and all new make-up. A lot of people think that is funny, but my girls are past the "Mom that's gross phase; well on most things, I still hear it occasionally"
    I hope the rest of your trip is wonderful and have a safe trip home!

  11. Congratulations to Lisa. That kid's a cutie. Love that expression.

    No and yes. No, I would not have an affair. But I don't mind the undies I'm wearing.

    Your sister and her friend look great in their swinging 20's attire.

  12. 99 FF!!!!

    Your family is very talented.....

  13. I don't get the underwear comment....I mean...are we endorsing affairs here??

  14. What a talented photographer your featured fragmenter is!

    I have now inventoried my underwear and Keith's. All indications are that we should be infidelity-free - and that our own excitement will stay higher if we stay fully clothed.

    Thanks for the bit about volunteering. That's exactly where I am and what you said really, really helped me with the guilt.

  15. Wow, thank you! I am honored. My second FF is up, and its a doozy! Major picture overload. But that's my style. I appreciate the new visitors thanks to this great MEME.

  16. It's 10pm and I'm seriously considering making Bacon-Wrapped Pineapple Bites.

    I just today extricated myself from a volunteer role that was causing me much stress. The phrase "I'm not paid enough to do this" may have been used.

  17. That is one cute baby!

    That cracks me up about the underwear! I think I'm good right now. No one wants this round belly! LOL!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. I wouldn't even touch MYSELF in the underwear I'm wearing right now!!

    ((Adorable baby, BTW ... Love the spit bubbles! :D))

  20. Mami's right; disposable camera.

    Pictures like that of babies make me want one. I keep telling myself I'm too old... :)

  21. MightyMom-No, no endorsement of affairs. If you wouldn't wear the undergarment for an affair (assuming you would want to be wearing nice-looking underwear/bras to impress), doesn't your spouse/partner deserve the same?

  22. My husband has decided Sweets needs a vuvuzela... God help me the hornets are coming to my house!

  23. I'd go crazy without my camera. My phone will suffice, but its just not the same!
    Love the pic of your sister, she looks so fit and fabulous! I wouldn't mind looking like that right now!

  24. What a beautiful day to be looking out over Lake Monona!! Are you going to be around for Farmers Market on the square tomorrow?

  25. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and have a wonderful weekend!

  26. How fun for your sister the tap dancer. Nice picture of her with her friend. Wow, I guess I need to stop over at Victoria Secret too. My bras are not very fetching.

  27. I love that baby! And your sister looks terrific! I think it would be so much fun to be a good dancer!

    Have a great weekend.

  28. LOL about the World Cup & bee hive comment! Last fall I sat right behind a couple of people who blew a horn like that during the whole high school football game. NOT. HAPPY. Apparently I wasn't the only one. Some people were yelling at them, telling them to stop blowing the horns. And, no, these weren't soccer people, either. Just annoying people at a high school football game. And, I'm off my soap box.

  29. Love the picture of your sister and friend! I love to watch dancers of all kinds.

    What an adorable baby!

  30. All week I said I was going to join this bloghop!! And ya know what?? I remembered!! Gold star for me!! And one for you too, because your blog is awesome! (love that baby pic up there!!)

  31. Sorry to bother you, Mrs.4444, but I don't see my blog picture up in the 27. I did the linky thing and I have everyone else's on my blog, but not mine. Will I not be able to see mine? Duh, still sort of new at this! Thank you!

  32. Oh my goodness. LOVE your sisters outfit! How fun and fantastic is that? And they both look like they are young and fun girls! : )

    Can you get a disposable camera? Any picture is better than no picture at all!

  33. I'm still snickering over the bra thing...especially your daughter's reaction! I hit a Victoria's secret outlet recently and picked up some new pretties...Man O Mine was smiling :)
    Hope your trip goes well and you are able to rest this weekend.
    LOVE the baby shot. Looking forward to see what Mrs4444 uses in the kitchen...especially since she shares such yummy recipes!

    sorry its so late. its been a busy day. but i love ff you know i do . great post this week. enjoy your weekend.
    hugs, ria


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