Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Card FAIL

 [Photo courtesy of Awkward Family Photos]

The only time I like to send Christmas cards is when I have a family photo for them, which I do not this year, so that's why I won't be sending any this year. I enjoy receiving photo cards very much. I think the photo-less cards with only a signature, though, are a waste of my money (sorry!) and are not necessary today, what with Facebook, blogs, email, etc.  (Though I suppose they help the post office stay in business.) 

I also enjoy the Christmas letters (though I've only written one in my life, the year we lost two Great Grandma Florence and Grandpa 4444).  There is nothing I could possibly write in a holiday card that you and my family, neighbors, etc. don't already know about us.  Yes, some of you old farts traditionalists will always enjoy sending the paper cards with just a signature (no offense to old farts--you know I'm just teasin' you), and I understand that completely; it's just not my thing.  Anyway...

I have an idea that I would love....a website from which you could send digital photo or video Christmas greetings to friends.  They could also send them to you, and the site would host all of the "cards" you receive and allow you to make a digital slideshow of the greetings you receive. That slideshow could take center stage on a laptop, on a coffee table, where everyone could enjoy it (probably even moreso than the typical Christmas card display.) I'm just putting this out here because if such a site exists, I'd like to know about it. If it doesn't, I'll get right on that.

Just kidding. You go right ahead.

5 days and counting...


  1. My Christmas card photo shoot did not quite go as I had envisioned, but I finally managed to get the kids corralled and looking slightly pleasant all at the same time. Now to address all those envelopes....I'm a bit behind!

  2. I saw this earlier today I'm not sure that it does everything that you outlined...but you might want to check it out (I have no clue how it works beyond the review that I read)

  3. Totally understand! I quit writing an annual letter 2 years ago I think, because of FB, and I cut down on cards too for various reasons. Everyone knows what is going on now! So, relax and enjoy, and if you get a card from me (offically an old fart since the girl at the theatre last week did not ask me if I was a Sr before giving me a discount when I brought my little granddaughters) you can laugh. Maybe if I see her next time I should tell her that I do not turn 60 till next year! Nah, don't want to upset her. :0

  4. You just posted this great idea on he internet?

  5. I wish my older friends and family would get with it and read my blog or Facebook regularly to keep up with us, but most don't. Thus, I feel guilty receiving cards from them without sending them some back. Also, when I think how my dad ALWAYS managed to send out Christmas cards every year with all the health issues he had, I kind of feel ashamed of myself if I don't. Every year I try not to, but then the guilt just gets to me and I end up sending them after all. That's why they don't go out until Christmas week. Got to get them done today!

    Here's a link to a post about sending the cards:

  6. What a wonderful idea! There is a movie program out there now where you can scan pictures (or cards) and download them to a cd with creative transitions from pic to pic. Add music, and then play in one of those digital picture frames. This would make a great gift for you, but doesn't take care of anyone else.

    I belong to this site: which is a lovely e-card site. If one had the services of a comuter geek, you might be able to figure out how to write something similar to your request.

    We do a parady from a familiar Christmas song to send out our letter. I'll send it through FF this week.

  7. That would be a great idea. I send cards because I love the writing on each one and I enclose a yearly update, because I'm old and have many Luddite friends who were friends of my parents. They don't have computers, nor will they be getting computers.

    We're on a "tech bridge" at this age. It's hard for young people to conceive of a household without cell phones or computers, but they exist. Honest.

  8. I don't like sending Christmas cards, but I do only because the recipients are expecting them. It's just the way it is in our extended family.

    But I do like your idea. Maybe you could be onto a big Cha-Ching adventure.

  9. That is a great idea! Wonder why no one has done that yet?

  10. You've got a grand idea there girl.

    Now, Ya'll know I'm a little long in tooth but I've never been called a (old poop) here. (Sorry,I don't use the 'F' word) I write notes in my I still qualify??? Heeehehehehe! :o)

    God bless ya'll and enjoy the day!!!

  11. I am a Christmas card failure as well. But I love your idea!

    And....this Awkward picture is actually one that I a good way!

  12. For some reason I can only generate xmas cards/newsletters on even numbered years. I think it's because I alternate with our sort of annual fall pasta party and I don't have the strength for both.

  13. I think your idea sorta exist on Facebook but of course not everyone is on there. You can post a Christmas type picture on many sites and share the link with family and friends. Don't know if you have used but it's very easy to make slide shows with holiday effects.
    Yes the number of real physical cards are dropping. I like the letters and we have done a few but sometimes we miss a year or two.

  14. I'm with you... mostly. I used to do the paper cards where I'd hand write personalized notes to each person and include a photo of our family.

    Then I added the letter to people I don't talk to often and signed the card, including a photo with the photo and sig for people who know what I'm up to.

    This year we have a photo card, and I'll include a Christmas letter to some people, but most will just get the card. It sorta feels like a cop out, but ....

    LOVE your idea of a website. Except for the people who aren't on the web regularly still. Boo.

  15. I feel the EXACT same way. When I get a paper card with a signature I am like YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME! I actually yell that in the kitchen. Pictures make me smile. Super much. This year, 2 of the families I shot, had 5 pictures on their cards. They said the couldn't decide. That made my day : )

  16. I didn't get my family photo in time this year. I'm a bad mother.

  17. I start shooting in the fall in hopes of getting one decent photo for our cards. Also, having kids saves us from having to be IN the photo. (They're way more cute, anyway!)
    Sometimes the e-cards fall into my spam box, I have to remember to look just in case!!!

  18. I agree about the photoless cards... total waste. I haven't sent Christmas cards in probably 5 years.

  19. Well, I love to send cards. I don't send along a letter or a photo. I believe that photo cards are only necessary if you have children. What I have done for the past few years is I find a lovely quote or verse and I write that in each and every card. Then I sign our name :)

    The past two years, the card has been a photo that I took, but before that it was always a card that I thought was just stunningly gorgeous, funny or quirky. I love sending cards. I look forward to it all year (seriously.)

    I love receiving cards, too, but honestly I don't keep track of who sends and who doesn't. If someone is on my list it's because I want them there, not because they sent me a card.

    I have noticed that the card pile is much thinner this year. That's OK. I'm still thinking about next years cards :)

    Kristin - The Goat


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