Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Husband, the Comedian

As you probably know, sixteen-year-old Kendall was in Hawaii for two weeks. We missed her, but she texted us regularly, sharing her many fun experiences. She opened a photobucket account, too, and uploaded her photos as she went, sharing them with us, so that was fun to see.

 Mr.4444 let Kendall know she was missed by sending occasional text messages while she was gone:

"Malokanokakiki--That means I love you and hope you're having a blast!"

and more...

"If a guy asks if you want to see his coconuts, run!"


"Boy, the grass is really going to be long by the time you get home; you're gonna have to bag it."

Kendall texted her dad (the chef in our family) that she was trying all kinds of new food and appreciated it but couldn't wait to eat "normal" food again. (She has a pretty conservative pallet. Chicken fingers are her usual fare when we go out to eat, for example.) Mr.4444 texted her back,

"The chicken fingers there are made from parrot meat. Be careful."


"Any pesky mosquitoes there? Or annoying boys?" [the answer was no on both accounts]

He didn't use up all his funny on Kendall, either; while I was in California, he kept up the text chatter, too. The day after Kyle and I left, I texted him, "How was church?" He replied...

"Great. Chicks were hitting on me. None under 60, though."

In response to my sending him a picture message of the ocean, I got this gem, inspired by a certain congressman's antics:

"Nice. Wanna picture of my junk?"  [And, no, I did not take him up on his offer.]

In response to my sending Mr.4444 a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge, he replied with,

"Don't jump! (or leave your heart)"

So yes, he missed us, and we're all back home together tonight, so the 4444 family had a happy little reunion.  (Stay tuned for a recap!) Meanwhile, I hope this finds you happy and well. I look forward to catching up with you :)


  1. I hope your husband starts a blog someday. The man was born for it!

  2. Your husband cracks me up!
    I don't understand the phenomenon of men sending pictures of their Wieners (pun intended). Those things are not cute or attractive in any way!

  3. I wish my husband would text. He's funny and would have fun with it besides the normal "we're out of bread and the dryer buzzed."

    I really hope that your husband has a few flaws!! He sounds pretty perfect with a witty sense of humor for both kids and adults :)

    Welcome back home and I hear you've got a few door shots. I can't wait to see them and hear the stories.

  4. I love it...his humor is too funny! My hubby thinks he is pretty funny too but I think after 23 years he needs new material! Safe travels!

  5. He is pretty funny. And the new scenery for his gals helped him come up with new jokes. Perhaps you both should travel more often?

  6. Love it! I love when you open your phone to a silly little text and it makes you smile... immediate mood lifter!

    But, if my dad had texted me some of that stuff I probably would have turned my phone off! :)

  7. Mr. 4444 is a funny guy - perhaps, rather than blogging, he might consider becoming a twittermedian.


  8. You do have a comedian! That is nice to laugh with each other...really

  9. Gotta love him!

    I'm figuring he'd have sent you a photo of garbage in leu of "junk". LOL

  10. This post had me cracking up thanks Mr. 4444

  11. He's a funny guy!

    My husband always threatens to text me pics of his junk- especially after he found out that my texts pop up on my phone, instead of me having to go open them.

  12. Awww this was a sweet post! You have a very precious family ... and a witty husband! Loved the line about coconuts! :)

  13. Isn't it great having a comedian around the house? Keeps things light. I'm glad you appreciate his brand of humor. Over here, I get the blank stares and the eye rolls.

    I haven't been west of the Mississippi, so I envy you. What a cool trip, and you even got to meet Mami!

  14. now these types of texts are the type we need more of - coconuts, parrot meat, church chicks - great stuff. Are you having stand-up night at home now?

  15. Hawaii, how great. We went there for our 25th wedding anniversary. So pretty it looked fake.

  16. I agree with LceeL, Twitter would be the better format for his witty quips. I'll bet he was bored being home alone!

  17. He's hilarious and you know I like me some funny.

  18. Too funny! You gotta love cell phones! As much as I complain about them, I love being able to text family when we're away!


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