Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Camping Habits

Don't let the smile or the stick fool you; Grandma 4444 is not, and never was, a fan of camping.

[Aren't the curlers hilarious?! And how about that "camping" coat?]

She says she just didn't like "the rain, the mud, and the sloppy stuff" resulting from bad weather,
which she said seemed to be the norm when they camped, 
though not, apparently, on this trip.

She only went along with it for the kids' sakes, of course, and I'm glad she did, 
because Mr.4444 (the little cutie in the light-colored sweatshirt) 
has very fond memories of camping as a kid.  

He's shared those memories and led our own family in creating the same fun camping memories
 for many years. 
(As a matter of fact, we still use that tent today!)

Of course, we've discouraged some of the practices his dad taught him about camping...

(Not that it makes any difference. And I'll save you that particular photo.)

These memories made possible by Memory Hub
which converted 447 old slides into digital images for our family 
for the total price of about $139 
(after giving me 100 slides free, in exchange for sharing my experience).
I only agreed to one post, but I've written others here and here, just because.


  1. I love Grandma 4444's styling cropped jeans and keds! The curls are a classic my Mom would be the same way! The quality of the slides are amazing....what a fun trip down memory lane!

  2. I've never been camping in a tent but that looks like a real nice one. Used to play in tents as a kid though that we'd put up in our back yard.

  3. You are a rockin' family. I so like the text messages Mr 4444 sent you.

    How was your Sunday meeting with Unknown Mami? Where was I, did I miss it?

  4. Memory Hub has done a nice job with these photos. The colors look as though they were taken today.

  5. I really need to take my kids camping too. Ugh. It's been too long. Great pics!

  6. I could never camp, unless the tent is placed inside the lobby of a swanky hotel.

  7. I have memories of camping with my dad and brother. I really don't remember mom staying overnight in a tent.
    That last picture is a classic - just an idea - you should put it on a coffee mug for him.

  8. I truly adore camping. But what really prompted me to comment were the pictures! If it weren't for the clothing I would swear these were recent shots! Getting prints off those well preserved slides really paid off.


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