Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Bright Side

Well, it's 5pm on February 14th, and my Valentine and I pretty much spent the day crying; we said goodbye to our Cooper this morning, and it sucked.

So, we don't really feel like celebrating tonight. There is no romantic dinner planned.  However, I did just receive a UPS delivery with a gift (ordered weeks ago) from my Valentine. Hm....What's this?

Hmmm....and "PERISHABLE," too?

Very pretty! I'd never heard of Shari's Berries, and this was promising!

Wow. I figured if they taste half as good as they look, dinner planning tonight could be easier than I thought.

O.M.G.  Six of these babies later, and I have to tell you that Sherri's Berries are wonderful for the grieving heart (and stomach). They were clearly dipped and packed with care. Seriously; my heart is a little fragile tonight, and these beauties have been a very special gift.  Thank you, my Valentine. I love you...

In case you're wondering, they were cold when they arrived; they're shipped right after being dipped, and they're sent overnight by U.P.S.   The directions say to consume them all within 48 hours. (And you know I'm all about following directions!) This is not a compensated review--I just liked them and wanted to share. (The idea, not the strawberries...sorry.)


  1. Oh I am so sorry about your Cooper,...nice of the hubs to get those candies for you.

  2. Those look really good! I don't think you'll have any trouble eating them in two days. So sad about Cooper but at least you had him for many wonderful years.


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