Monday, February 13, 2012

Sad News

Our 10-year-old golden retriever, Cooper, hasn't been feeling well. He's dropped weight in the last year and seems like he's feeling well enough until we take him outside to do his "business."  (I'll save you the gory details.)  I took him to the vet this morning and got some very sad news; our Cooper has a huge tumor in his abdomen. We are going to have to say good-bye to our dear family friend,

a loving playmate,

a well-loved neighbor,


a friend who never missed a chance to show his love,


my excuse for not exercising,


 and a source of amusement for years
(This was a hilarious attempt to make a video for a contest a few years ago)

(No, we didn't win, unless you count the happiness it brought us then and now.)

I've written many, many posts that include Cooper's antics.
I'm adding two of them here, just to have them with this post.

Cooper's Snow Angel

Cooper is the kind of dog who loves to welcome neighbors and friends but will turn tail and run the other way if his exuberance scares a child. He's the kind of dog who eats butter, bread, Halloween candy or pretty much anything he can sneak off the kitchen counter but looks at you with apology if it causes intestinal "issues". He absolutely loved camping, especially when it also involved a lake (even when the sign said "No Dogs"). Our camping trips will never be the same.

From the moment Cooper arrived,

he's enriched our family.

It's gonna be a tough week.


  1. Oh I am sooo sorry! This post gave me tears. I will have to watch the videos again on my computer tomorrow. Saying prayers for you and the family.

  2. Oh no, this is such sad news. I feel so sorry for you as tears are running down my face as I type this. Cooper was such a wonderful family dog. I know you all will miss him very much. Great post sharing the good times you had with him!

  3. So-so sorry to hear this. Very hard week indeed. Hugs!!!


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