Thursday, February 16, 2012

Friday Fragments: Episode #185

Mommy's Idea

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***As you can see, I have a new header, and it makes me very happy. I had a slideshow header, but I was told that it caused my page to load as slow as molasses, so I took it down. (You're welcome.) For what it's worth, yes; it's my "favorite" tree, and I used the Cross Process feature of Google +'s photo editing feature (formerly Picnik).

***A 6th grade boy caught stealing today. He offered a couple of unbelievable explanations, and I said, "Really, it would be a lot easier to simply admit that you made a mistake in judgement and you regret it." He did. We had him call his mom and tell her what happen (He was bawling throughout.). Tonight, he sent a text to me (via Google Voice): "Im sorry I hope what i did dosint chang are frend ship."  Too cute.

***Losing a family pet sucks. Losing the pet on Valentines Day sucks, too. However, I'm glad that Mr.4444 and I were together with Cooper through it all. I'm certain it brought us closer, and we will never forget it.

***I really, really love my valentine. You might be amused to know that my ringtone for him is the 007 theme song from James Bond

***Even though all the dog toys/dishes/bedding has been put away, I think of Cooper several times a day, every time I drop a bit of food or crumbs. That stinks (and not just because it means I'll have to start vacuuming more regularly around here).

***My dear blogging friend Kristin recently said goodbye to her dear kitty, Mocha. One night afterwards, she put a pan in the kitchen sink to soak. In the morning, here is what she found (no lie):

I'll be watching for signs from Coop.

***While not a great example of people-first language, this article shares some really great parenting advice for parents of children with Aspergers Syndrome.

***I am so happy about the fact that I now have a list of blogger contacts all in one place. If you did not receive my email about the spreadsheet I created for collecting blog addresses and emails (Yea! No more wondering how to find a blog when the writer leaves a comment without a trail of breadcrumbs!), please email me, and I'll be very happy to hook you up!

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  1. Wow that kitty pan was amazing! Keep looking for Cooper you will find him.


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