Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sundays in My City: Show Time!

Unknown Mami

Today in my city, there is a musical performance going on.
These kids are working hard!
(My kid is to the right of the lead singer, "Aida".)
I went to yesterday's performance and plan to go again next weekend.

The kids worked so hard, and it really paid off. 
Wow--They were great.
Just look at their faces--They are really into it!

[sorry about the crappy camera I used]

Mr.4444 and I are very proud of Kendall, whose been successfully juggling musical practice, tough classes, and her new job. (She got her first paycheck today $150!WOOHOO)  
All of that and


sacrificing her life for Aida! [while avoiding belching in public]

Way to go, Nehebka!

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